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Ward Trail – Nov 12 – skiing around downed trees

11/12/2022 04:00 pm
We skied on the Lower Part of Ward Trail and Staircase Trail this afternoon, Nov. 12, 2022. The recent snow/wind storm brought down 4 trees across Ward Trail between the Trailhead and Junction No. 3 (Staircase Tr./Ward Tr.). There’s also a small tree down across the lower part of Staircase Trail. But, it’s easy to ski or snowshoe around all of these. We heard of trees down on East Ward Trail, and there are likely newly fallen trees on other parts of the Ward trail system. The Ward Trail was packed by the groomers before the last storm, and many people have tracked much of the Ward Trail System since the last snow fall. Included photo shows a 12-inch diameter tree that fell across the “lower/southern Ward Loop” of Ward Trail.