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Warming Hut

The GMNC warming hut at Skyway is our social center and solace from stormy weather. It is also poorly ventilated and difficult to sanitize which makes it a possible hazard in this time of COVID-19. So, at least for the start of the season, the warming hut will remain closed. As virus conditions change going into the new year, we hope to open up the hut to become our community center once again.

GMNC warming hut at Skyway provides relief from weather and social space. The hut is a cozy, woodstove-heated shelter for skiers to gather before and after skiing. It provides essential shelter on lesson days to meet and sign-in for ski lessons and clinics. When the wind is howling and the temps are below zero, it gives shelter from the storm. Many skiers and families bring their lunches and gather in the hut, bringing games for their kids or books to read while one parent skis. It is a great opportunity for skiers to get to know one another and a good social space.


Fundraising for the hut was started in 2010 with $12,000 was raised. The warming hut was purchased from Weatherport in Delta, and first installed for the 2011-2012 season. All donors name’s are posted in the hut. Initially the hut was installed for each ski season and removed each spring. Since 2019, the hut is in a semi-permanent location at Skyway. Many volunteers keep the hut clean, organized, replenished with firewood and walkway shoveled.

GMNC Board Members raised funds through donations to purchase the warming hut. The hut provides shelter on harsh winter days, a place to eat lunch and a gathering place for our Nordic skiers. Please help keep the hut clean and organized. Consider donating to GMNC to help fund its maintenance and future replacement.