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Snowshoe Trails

The neglected Skyway snowshoe trail has been revived! Though we are a bunch of skiers addicted to glide, we think you will find the snowshoe trail enchanting.

From the Skyway parking lot go left down the hill to the Practice Loop. Snowshoe signs will deliver you into the woods. You will have vistas to the north-northwest overlooking Powderhorn, Colorado River valley, Grand Valley, even a peak of the La Sal Mountains in Utah. This portion of the trail goes to the Overlook off of Sunset trail. It is a bit more intimate and challenging and open to the wind.

From the Overlook return to the Sunset trail and continue up the trail a few hundred feet. When you see the pink flagging on the right, turn into the woods there. This portion of the trail is wider, gentle, more sheltered, and better for young children. You will ramble through the woods and eventually approach Lions trail. A gentle climb to the right will take you up and over to the warming hut within sight of the parking lot.

The Skyway snowshoe trail is a little over 2km long, with shorter loops possible by going out or returning on Sunset trail. Give the new/old snowshoe trail a try this winter and tell us what you think.