Skyway Warming Hut

Watch the slideshow above to see how the Skyway Warming Hut is assembled!

In the spring of 2010, GMNC Board Members formed a fundraising committee to raise funds to purchase a warming hut. Dennis Reich, Shannon Rayborn, and Dave Knutson organized two house parties: one in Paonia hosted by Callie and John West and one in Grand Junction hosted by Joe and Ellen Ramey. Chris Hermann volunteered his services as fundraising adviser. Very generous members showed up to the fundraisers with their checkbooks or mailed in donations, and $12,000 was raised. The warming hut was purchased from Weatherport in Delta, and it was ready to go for the 2011-2012 season at the Skyway trailhead. All donors name’s are posted in the hut.

The Skyway warming hut is assembled in three stages every fall before the snow falls. First, Hut Crew volunteers haul the platform to the Skyway trailhead. Typically, it takes a crew of six people approximately four hours to set up the platform. The Hut Crew then transports all the hut parts from Paonia and begins work on assembly, which takes approximately six hours. Finally, there is a four-hour workday to install benches, a wood burning stove, smoke detectors, and chop and stack wood.


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