Fashion Girls at Skyway Skuffle Jan. 26, 2020

SKYWAY, JAN 26, 2020

It was a wonderful day for racing on Grand Mesa! It was warm enough to be comfortable but not so warm as to make the snow conditions funky. Racers responded with smiles and excellent times. Chris Miller is looking unstoppable after notching his third win in a row. At least he got pushed a little this time with Zach Heuscher not too far back in second. Likewise, it’s a rare day when there’s a woman who can beat Christie Aschwanden. She flew in 4th overall for an easy win. Style points go to the three women in fuzzy purple vests, Kat, Janet and Debbie, and to our stalwart contingent of classic skiers led by Caryl Brown and Richard Hypio.

Energy was again provided by Four Points Energy Bars (Slow Burn!), Element Frosted Rice Cakes, Justins Nut Butters and Crunchsters, the tasty sprouted mung bean snack. Loki Outerwear came through again with some fabulous door prizes and was joined by great door prizes from Copper Club Brewing, Ela Family Farms and original art cards from Caryl Brown. Bravo for these sponsors and bravo for our volunteers Bob Major, Danielle Burritt, Scott Vig and Kristi Siman!


1Chris Miller34MGrand JunctionCO0:32:23
2Zach Heuscher37MGrand JunctionCO0:33:08
3Lew Kirkegaard50MGrand JunctionCO0:34:24
4Christie Aschwanden47FCedaredgeCO0:35:30
5Mark Southard59MBoulderCO0:35:30
6Kevin Koch45MGrand JunctionCO0:35:53
7Greg Randall58MCollbranCO0:36:12
8Chris Welsh36MGrand JunctionCO0:36:14
9Chad Harris44MMoabUT0:39:11
10Kyle Stone51MFruitaCO0:39:21
11Lori Anderson56FMesaCO0:39:40
12Russel Bollig56MGlenwood SpringsCO0:39:51
13Helen Carlsen59FBasaltCO0:40:03
14Brad Burritt57MHotchkissCO0:40:37
15Winslow Robertson62MPalisadeCO0:40:40
16Sam Thornhill61MFruitaCO0:41:01
17Shannon Koch45FGrand JunctionCO0:41:07
18John Morris50MGrand JunctionCO0:42:06
19Dan Schultz-Ela62MHotchkissCO0:43:01
20Bill Hilty53MGrand JunctionCO0:43:03
21Tim Carter84MGrand JunctionCO0:43:23
22Doug Johnston63MGrand JunctionCO0:43:37
23Susy Ellison64FCarbondaleCO0:45:23
24Pam Todd53FGrand JunctionCO0:45:38
25John Thrasher70MDeltaCO0:45:49
26Chuck Bodie66MGrand JunctionCO0:46:17
27Tina Wilson63FGrand JunctionCO0:47:12
28Henry Lehman62MGlenwood SpringsCO0:50:26
29Caryl Brown55FMontroseCO0:51:00
30Dan Tille40MGrand JunctionCO0:53:07
31Richard Hypio64MHotchkissCO0:54:02
32Dum Bunny59MGrand JunctionCO0:55:22
33David Batten68MMontroseCO0:56:35
34Will McNulty52MGrand JunctionCO1:02:03
35Becky Sondergard45FMontroseCO1:20:40
36Debbie Dalrymple51FDenverCO1:24:57
37Janet Mcgee52FLakewoodCO1:54:22
38Kat Kampfe56FLittletonCO1:54:22
Toby Morse62MGrand JunctionCODNF