• Helen Carlsen

    I like to share the joy of gliding on skis. My goal is to help students have more fun by becoming more efficient.

  • Tim Carter
    Ski Instructor, Masters Program

    I enjoy coaching both classic and skating, and have been teaching and coaching Nordic for over 40 years. Teaching is a passion for me giving me a unique way of connecting with the student.

  • Debbie Cheesman
    Ski Instructor

    I began teaching for GMNC eight years ago with the Women’s Clinics. I love having the opportunity to teach a sport that has brought me so much joy!

  • Susy Elison
    Ski Instructor

    After a 30 year career as a science teacher and environmental educator I am enjoying applying my teaching skills to helping new and experienced skiers find the joy that comes from gliding efficiently across snow.

  • Laura Johnston
    Ski Instructor

    Certified Level 1 Ski Instructor with Professional Ski Instructors of America
    I welcome you to come take a lesson with me on the world-class Nordic skiing trails on Grand Mesa. You will improve your skills and have fun learning more about this lifetime sport.

  • Jane McGarry
    Ski Instructor

    It's a delight to help someone gain confidence on the snow and discover a new way to be outdoors engaging with the natural world and gaining fitness while having fun.

  • Christopher Miller

    Like many outdoor activities, I believe the secret to truly enjoying the sport is to be a master of efficiency which can only be accomplished through proper technique.

  • Tina Wilson
    Ski Instructor, Ski School Manager

    I have taught in New Hampshire, Wyoming and Colorado. I love getting people on skis and excited about the sport. It’s a sport you can do all your life.