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chris miller GMNC instructor

Christopher Miller


Pretty sure there are pictures of me breaking trail with 3 pins around 6 years old, but I didn’t become a real “skier” until I walked onto the Michigan Technological University (MTU) ski team in Houghton, MI in 2003. In 2005 I was beating skiers ranked well within the top 100 on the USSA list, but my career was cut pretty short due to illness. Having recovered, completed a masters degree, and entered the workforce, I placed top 300 in the 2012 Birkie with a time of 2:37. That marked the end of my competitive saga and now I ski simply for the joy of it. I’ve been skiing for 18 years now and it’s my absolute favorite pastime (followed closely by multi-day backpacking trips).

My approach is to concentrate on the basics of balance, timing, and weight transfer coupled with proper joint placement and flexion. Like many outdoor activities, I believe the secret to truly enjoying the sport is to be a master of efficiency which can only be accomplished through proper technique.