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Ski Instructors


Debbie Cheesman

Ski School Director
I began xc skiing in the late 80’s while residing in Crested Butte. I was on the board of the directors for the Crested Butte Nordic Council and also organized the Alley Loop race. After moving to the North Fork Valley, I began teaching for GMNC (about 8 years ago) with the Women’s Clinics. I teach both classic and skate skiing. Having the opportunity to teach a sport that has brought me so much joy is both rewarding and fun! I’m honored to direct the GMNC ski school and to be able work with so many dedicated people. 


Tim Carter

Ski Instructor, Masters Program
I enjoy coaching both classic and skating, and have been teaching and coaching Nordic for over 40 years. Teaching is a passion for me giving me a unique way of connecting with the student.

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Eliane Wissocq

Ski Instructor
I’ve been skiing for 36 years. After leaving my hometown of Calais in Northern France, I landed in Crested Butte in 1983 and fell in love with skiing. I was a longtime member of the Crested Butte Nordic community, where I created and taught a series of progressive skating clinics.

Susy Elison

Ski Instructor
After a 30 year career as a science teacher and environmental educator I am enjoying applying my teaching skills to helping new and experienced skiers find the joy that comes from gliding efficiently across snow.


Laura Johnston

Ski Instructor
I welcome you to come take a lesson with me on the world-class Nordic skiing trails on Grand Mesa. You will improve your skills and have fun learning more about this lifetime sport.


Jane McGarry

Ski Instructor
It’s a delight to help someone gain confidence on the snow and discover a new way to be outdoors engaging with the natural world and gaining fitness while having fun.

chris miller GMNC instructor

Christopher Miller

Like many outdoor activities, I believe the secret to truly enjoying the sport is to be a master of efficiency which can only be accomplished through proper technique.

Tina Wilson

Ski Instructor, Ski School Manager
I have taught in New Hampshire, Wyoming and Colorado. I love getting people on skis and excited about the sport. It’s a sport you can do all your life.


Lori Anderson

Ski Instructor
I am person who loves to laugh but also loves to Nordic ski. I enjoy teaching and sharing my love of nordic skiing. You might end up getting hooked too! I grew up in Wisconsin, then moved to Vermont, and finally to Colorado. See a pattern here? I love winter because I love skiing. I have alpine and nordic skied for over 40 years. I moved to Mesa. CO and discovered the hidden gem of nordic skiing on the Grand Mesa. Let me help you enjoy nordic skiing on the Mesa to the fullest!


Steve Bennett

Ski Instructor
I grew up in Montreal, Canada where everyone enjoyed spending the winter on skis and skates! After retiring, I moved to Stowe VT where I joined a local club (VTXC) and competed in citizens races all over the Northeast. I recently completed PSIA XC level 1 and am keen to pass along my love of the sport to new skiers.


Aaron Clubb

Ski Instructor
I enjoy helping new skiers learn fundamentals of classic skiing. I have assisted with kids’ classes for GVNSC for two years – helping preteen kids learn the fundamentals of classic and skate skiing. I enjoy nordic and alpine skiing. I have more days in alpine skiing bump and hike-to terrain; however, I have moved to primarily nordic skiing while my own kids are young. This is a great sport, and we have world-class terrain to enjoy it!

Valerie Eipper

Ski Instructor
Born and raised in Durango Colorado I developed a love for cross-country skiing in middle school. I raced on the DHS team in high school. I love the community that surrounds cross-country skiing and race in the local races when I can. I also enjoy just going out and touring. I am excited to help new skiers embrace the snow and build the skills to enjoy skiing our world class trails on Grand Mesa.


Cecile Evans

Ski Instructor
Classic Nordic skiing is my passion. Although I have skied for many years, and casually taught friends and families Nordic skiing, last year I had the opportunity to teach Nordic skiing professionally. I learned a lot and absolutely loved it and am honored to be part of the Grand Mesa Nordic Council.


Hannah Grossman

Ski Instructor
I love cross country skiing! In my classes I will help beginners build a solid and comfortable foundation by becoming familiar with how it feels to employ such concepts as proper body positioning, dynamics, and weight transfer. I look forward to sharing tricks and techniques that will help you in your continuous discovery of this amazing sport.


Penny Jansen

Ski Instructor
Born and raised in Colorado,my first skiing experience at age five was sidestepping up the hill in Ouray to pack the ski runs. In high school, one of my teachers taught an outdoor survival course that included nordic skiing on both Grand Mesa and Red Mountain, and my passion began to shift to Nordic skiing. After my husband retired we moved back to Colorado and met several instructors from GMNC who encouraged us to take some clinics. With over 10 years of PSIA downhill ski teaching and over 30 years of middle school teaching experience, I look forward to helping adults and children learn to classic or skate ski and have fun during the process.

Peter Marshall

Ski Instructor
I have taught Nordic skiingn(classic and skate techniques) for about 20 years. I achieved level 3 PSIA certification when I was working full-time at the Eldora Nordic center. Now I have relocated to Palisade, and my teaching style has (I hope) evolved and improved. I would love to share my experience and love of the sport with you.