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Cross Country Ski Lessons

The Learning Experience

Your instructor will be professional and will proactively engage you to develop trust and rapport, and you will be provided a big-picture overview of your lesson. You may be coming to a lesson with clear goals to accomplish but if not, you will have a chance to establish lesson objectives together with your instructor. Based on your goals the instructor will plan experiences for learning. Your lesson will be a guided practice in a series of appropriate activities, games, drills and exercises. After the lesson you will review progress and establish a plan for independent practice. Your instructor will also preview with you future learning outcomes, should you choose to take another lesson.

Lessons must be booked online at least two days prior to the lesson date.

Lesson Times and Fees

  • Availability: 7 days per week
  • Lesson length: 90 minutes
  • Morning lessons: 10:30 am – 12 noon
  • Afternoon lessons: 1 pm – 2:30 pm

1 person: $115
2 people: $195 (15% discount)
3 people:  $276 (20% discount)
4 people: $345 (25% discount)

NOTE: discounts on additional people are calculated at checkout.

If you’d a like a different starting time, you can request this when booking your lesson. (We will do our best to accommodate.) Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson to have enough time to gear up and meet your instructor on snow.

Read our cancellation policy here.

What Can You Learn?

Lessons are in classic or skate styles of cross country skiing. If this will be your first time, there is no rule for which style is easier to learn first. Start with the style that appeals to you most and work you way in lessons to learning both styles. The skills you learn in classic are applicable to skate skiing, and vice versa. If you learn both styles of cross country skiing you will gain versatility in being able to chose the style most suitable for the ski conditions.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier, booking a ski lesson with a professional instructor is well worth the time and energy. Beginners will start out on easy terrain, where they feel safe and comfortable enough to learn the basics, whereas advanced skiers will have the opportunity to work with a professional instructor to learn new skills and perfect their technique. Your ski instructor will shape the lesson to meet your goals.

Professional lessons not only offer the opportunity to learn from the best, but they will make your learning process safer, faster, more effective and way more fun.

What to Bring to a Lesson?

  • Classic or skate skiing equipment for groomed tracks
  • Proper clothing for extended periods outdoors, sunscreen, water and snacks
  • Face covering
  • Optional: small notebook and pencil for taking notes