Ski Instructors

  • Helen Carlsen

    I have lived and skied in the Roaring Fork Valley since 1981. I work at the Aspen Cross-Country Center where I teach Classic and Skate skiing. I love snow and sharing the joy of gliding on skis.

  • Tim Carter
    Ski Instructor, Masters Program

    I started out my ski career on Alpine skiing racing collegiately and professionally, IPSRA and instructing at Aspen. Then in the 70’s I took up Nordic skiing and racing and found a love for this sport.

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    Ski Instructor

  • Susy Elison
    Ski Instructor

    Growing up in Buffalo, NY taught me to embrace winter and all the wonderful things it brings. I love teaching on the Grand Mesa trails and helping new and experienced skiers find the joy in gliding across snow!

  • Laura Johnston
    Ski Instructor

    I started nordic and backcountry skiing over 40 years ago when I lived and worked in Yellowstone during the winter.

  • Jane McGarry
    Ski Instructor

    Skiing is a great way to enjoy winter that's available to everybody, no matter your age, size, shape, or temperament. I've been skiing since I was 8 years old (in Vermont) and I think I love it more each year.

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    Ski Instructor

    I began cross country skiing at the age of 13. Skied competitively from that point through high school, college (Dartmouth) and beyond. More recently I have attempted to participate in World Master's events.

  • Martin Wiesiolek, Cross Country Ski Instructor in Colorado
    Ski Instructor, Ski School Director

    Level III Certified Ski Instructor, Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and PSIA Education Staff. 20 years of enjoying teaching people of all ability levels and ages.

  • Tina Wilson
    Ski Instructor

    I started out on Hickory skis with 3-pin bindings enjoying the back woods trails 40 years ago. Through the years new equipment has made an enormous difference in comfort, efficiency and fun!

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