Skier Ability Profiles

GMNC uses the following profiles to initially assign skiers to a coach or a group. At the beginning of a lesson or a series of clinics, we assess a skier’s ability and make adjustments to groups so each skier will gain the maximum value from their learning experience.

Never Ever/Beginner: has skied very little or not at all, is challenged with balance and wants to begin moving down the trail on gliding skis.

Advanced Beginner or Athletic Beginner: has skied recreationally and is familiar with the equipment. Has started to acquire glide and balance, but is not yet sure footed at medium speed. Can make turns with control at slow speeds using snow plow technique. Needs practice on body position, transferring weight between skis and increasing the ease of skiing.

Athletic beginners may have little Nordic ski experience but are very proficient in other agility sports that they frequently practice such as ice skating, rollerblading, tennis etc.

Intermediate: skier’s technique, balance and turning are pretty good at medium speeds. Still falls
occasionally, mainly at high speeds. Would like more instruction and practice on improving balance and glide, maintaining momentum on varying terrain, and transitions.

Advanced: skier is comfortable in all terrain (uphill and downhill) and seldom falls. Has good technique, balance and turning skills. Wants to work on power and efficiency in the different gears and may be race

Ski clinics and private lessons require advance registration. For adult clinics and lessons contact Callie West at [email protected].


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