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Race Series

The GMNC Race Series Presented by Empowered Energy Systems

The 2022-2023 Empowered Energy Systems Race Series consists of five races over the course of the season.

To be eligible for overall series and age group prizes, you must complete three of the four scored races below.

Saturday December 3 Winterstart 5km Ski Race 5km classic and 5km skate (NOTE: only the classic race counts for series points)

Saturday December 31 Grand Mesa Classic 10km classic race

Sunday January 29 Skyway Skuffle 10 km skate race

Sunday February 19 Heart Throb Relay Race (2x5km freestyle relay, NOTE: counts as participation in the series, but not scored for series points)

Sunday March 19 Mesa Meltdown 20km and 5km freestyle (NOTE: only the 20km counts for series points)

-Overall series winners (female and male) get a new ski jacket from Loki.

-Female and Male overall winners of each individual race scored for the series win $50 cash.

-Prizes awarded to age group winners for the overall series.

-All registered racers are entered into a raffle (at each race) for a variety of cool prizes from local business sponsors.

Rules and Scoring:
Points are awarded for overall and age group (10 year brackets: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, etc.) according to the following system:

1st place: 20 points
2nd: 19
3rd: 18
4th: 17
5th: 16
6th: 15
7th: 14
8th: 13
9th: 12
10th: 11
11th: 10
12th: 9
13th: 8
14th: 7
15th: 6
16th: 5
17th: 4
18th: 3
19th: 2
20th: 1

To win overall or age group series awards, you must enter a minimum of three scored races.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Empowered Energy Systems
Loki Outdoor Clothing
Ela Family Farms
Peach Street Distillers
LLMA Designs — Art by Lori List Mae Anderson

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