Virtual Race start Finish

Skyway Trailhead, Grand Mesa
Skyway Trailhead, Grand Mesa
Contact Person:
Dan Tille
Race Organizer
Race Series

Due to the ongoing pandemic we have decided to make the second race in our series a virtual event.

We are hoping that by the February 20th race, we will be able to hold an in person individual start race.  We will announce what format we are holding this race 14 days from the race start.

This is going to be a 10k skate and a 10k classic race.  You can choose to participate in one or both races.

  • Classic race entry fee $10 donation to GMNC
  • Skate race entry fee $10 donation to GMNC
  • The designated race course will be marked with an orange cone with a sign for the start/finish line at the Skyway trailhead as well as orange cones with directional arrows at all intersections.
  • Participants will have from January 8th until January 17th to complete the designated course on any day of their choosing.
  • Participants can complete the designated course as many times as they would like but can only turn in one time for Classic style and one time for Skate style.

This is the course.  It will be marked before race day with orange cones and direction arrows.

Grand Mesa Virtual Classic and Skate Race

Please follow all public safety guidelines from the CDC, USFS, state of Colorado, and Mesa/Delta Counties.

In order to turn in your race time we are going to try to be flexible how everyone is timing themselves.  You can turn in your race time by sending the GPS file a screen shot of the tracking software on your phone, or a picture of your watch with your race time to

  • You may use any GPS tracking software file that you can send that can be viewed for free by GMNC.  Make sure any file you send is a public file and not a private file so it can be viewed.
    • Please only send your race file!  If you send me your file and it includes your warm up and cool down that total time will be what your race time is.
    • These GPS software files can include Strava, Garmin Connect, Map my ride/Map my run, Ride with GPS, etc.

If you are using a tracking software and are concerned if it will count, please email

We are going to change how points are awarded for this race.  Points will be awarded for the first 20 places for each style of race as follows.

1st Place  – 20pts.                      11th Place  – 10pts.
2nd Place – 19pts.                      12th Place – 9pts.
3rd Place  – 18pts.                      13th Place  – 8pts.
4th Place  – 17pts.                      14th Place  – 7pts.
5th Place  – 16pts.                      15th Place  – 6pts.
6th Place  – 15pts.                      16th Place  – 5pts.
7th Place  – 14pts.                       17th Place  – 4pts.
8th Place  – 13pts.                       18th Place  – 3pts.
9th Place  – 12pts.                       19th Place  – 2pts.
10th Place – 11pts.                       20th Place  – 1pt.

Loki has generously donated a men’s and a women’s jacket for each race in our series.  We will choose a random men’s and women’s winner.

For any questions or concerns, please email