County Line Trail in the summer time

Race starts at
County Line Trailhead
County Line Trailhead
Contact Person:
Christie Aschwanden

race flyer for Grand Mesa Run for Snow

Come enjoy the County Line trails!

Grand Mesa Run For Snow
Date: Sunday, September 11, 2022
Start: 11am start
Distance: almost 10km (true distance is 5.5 miles).
Place: County Line Trailhead on Grand Mesa

Walkers welcome.

Course starts at the County Line trailhead and goes Overlook Trail, Overlook Loop, Tower, Traverse trail (a summer single track trail off of Tower trail that winds through the trees and comes out near the intersection of Tower and Dog Loop), Dog Loop cutoff. The route follows a combination of the winter ski trails and summer single track. Course will be flagged and easy to follow.

course map

Total Ascent 180.4 ft
Total Descent 128.0 ft
Min Elev 10,803.1 ft
Max Elev 10,881.2 ft