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WinterStart 2023/2024

Here come the racers! James Sowers leads out the field.

The first race of the Empowered Energy Systems Race Series is in the books. That means Winter has started! Skiers were enthusiastic to be starting a new season of competition and fun. Grand Mesa once again has been blessed with early snow so our standard 5K course was in good shape for use with all of its hills and corners and challenges. Summit County high schooler James Sowers handled it easily and quickly. He put a gap on the field to win in both the Classic and Freestyle races. Ella DeWolf likewise smoked the women’s field (and most of the men) in both races.

It was great to see lots of up and coming young racers taking advantage of the excellent GMNC trails and, of course, it was also great to see lots of our seasoned old timers still cranking out the K’s with smiles. Empowered Energy Systems plays a huge part in making it all happen and local businesses providing door prizes add encouragement. Thanks Enstrom’s Toffee, Ela Family Farms, Octopus Coffee and REI! As always, we could not do this without our great crew of volunteers. Thanks Diane, Abby, Danielle, Shannon and Brad!

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End Location: 


Race Date: 


Starting Time: 

11:00 am

Starting Temp: 

117:24James Sowers16MSilverthorne
219:25David Rasmussen44MCarbondale
320:23Ella DeWolf26FLaramie WY
420:28Garret Moehring21MAvon
521:02Benjamin Noren32MLaramie WY
622:27Andrew Ralston34MBasalt
722:28Jonah Barber16MEagle
822:30Wade Mitchell17MDurango
922:53Kevin Koch48MGrand Junction
1022:58Eva Smith29FLaramie WY
1123:05Rudy Bolona55MGlenwood Spgs
1223:32Austin Weiss60MAspen
1324:12Dewachen Ilg16FDurango
1425:04Dusty Dodson55MGrand Junction
1525:12Feeble Ilg61MDurango
1625:25Ben Mitchell46MDurango
1725:47Jack Sargent16MEagle
1826:23Peter Marshall64MPalisade
1926:44Ken Pill62MGrand Junction
2026:48Alexander Gonzalez18MGypsum
2127:56Brad Burritt62MHotchkiss
2228:30Tigran Bailey45MSomerset
2328:48Lori Anderson60FMesa
2429:20Dan Schultz-Ela67MHotchkiss
2529:24Ava Bergsten17FEagle Valley
2630:31Dan Tille44MGrand Junction
2731:28Valerie Eipper63FMontrose
2831:54Mark Spoon61MMesa
2932:03JD Bamford51MDenver
3032:20Steve Colby71MCedaredge
3132:35Finn Sisu Bodie70MGrand Junction
3233:14Tina Wilson67FGrand Junction
3333:40Tovah Pollack16FGypsum
3435:00Dave Batten73MMontrose
3535:23Dave Knutson74MPaonia
3637:54Tara Suplizio44FGrand Junction
3737:54Tom Suplizio43MGrand Junction
3838:12Lori Stone60FFruita
3940:00Steve McQuiston61MCarbondale
4043:24Abby Rader25FPaonia
4145:44Jan Dudley68FSilverthorne
4249:24Mari Steinbach60FMontrose
4349:55Bill Roberts74MGrand Junction
115:48James Sowers16MSilverthorne
217:28Garret Moehring21MAvon
317:56David Rasmussen44MCarbondale
418:21Ella DeWolf26FLaramie WY
518:44Andrew Ralston34MBasalt
618:56Benjamin Noren32MLaramie WY
718:57Eva Smith29FLaramie WY
819:25Wade Mitchell17MDurango
919:45Kevin Koch48MGrand Junction
1020:48Sean Walmsley32MNew Castle
1121:29Peter Marshall64MPalisade
1221:35Austin Weiss60MAspen
1321:47Jonah Barber16MEagle
1421:57Ben Mitchell46MDurango
1522:24Feeble Ilg61MDurango
1622:34Tracy Pihl33FNew Castle
1723:23Lori Anderson60FMesa
1823:30Dewachen Ilg16FDurango
1923:43Ken Pill62MGrand Junction
2024:05Brad Burritt62MHotchkiss
2124:13Christopher Marsh15MGypsum
2225:16Kyle Stone55MFruita
2325:41Michael Hutton66MCarbondale
2426:11Alexander Gonzalez18MGypsum
2526:48Jack Sargent16MEagle
2627:30Hailey Ehman15FGypsum
2728:19Mark Spoon61MMesa
2828:23Henry Lehman66MGlenwood Springs
2928:25Jacob Ney26MPaonia
3028:30Tom Suplizio43MGrand Junction
3128:36Tara Suplizio44FGrand Junction
3228:38Dan Schultz-Ela67MHotchkiss
3328:57Ilah Mitchell13FDurango
3429:26Jessica Mitchell46FDurango
3533:47JD Bamford51MDenver
3634:13Dave Knutson74MPaonia
3738:00Dave Batten73MMontrose
3842:00Lori Stone60FFruita