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Skyway Skuffle 10K 2022/2023

Skyway Skuffle winners

The Skyway Skuffle winners receive their awards. Albert Hesse, Graydon Walker and Eric DiFolco were the top three men; Eva Smith, Sammy Veauthier and Tai-Lee Smith (not pictured) were the top three women. They prevailed over a large and competitive field on a very blustery day. The course featured the Summit Trail for the first time. The comments on that trended toward “very hard but fun!” Seven different universities were represented by racers and were joined in the mix by our usual avid bunch of citizen racers. Everyone got a chance at some wonderful door prizes provided by Ela Family Farms, Peachfork Winery, Summit Canyon Mountaineering, Bestslope Coffee, Basecamp Brewery, author Christie Aschwanden and artists Caryl Brown and Lori Anderson. And, as always, we owe a huge shoutout to Empowered Energy Systems for sponsoring this season’s GMNC Race Series!

The previous day the university racers competed in the 1K Classic Sprints. This was a great spectator event as the racers completed a time trial followed by elimination heats leading up to the final heat. The top three men and women are pictured receiving their awards. 1, Sammy Veauthier and Kaj Taylor; 2, Eva Smith and John Henry Paluszek; 3, May Lamb and Albert Hesse.

Start Location: 


End Location: 


Race Date: 


Starting Time: 

11:00 am

Starting Temp: 

10:29:03Albert Hesse0MWestern
20:29:29Graydon Walker0MWestern
30:29:32Eric Difolco0MWestern
40:29:42Kaj Taylor0MUW
50:30:24Ethan Hobbs0MCSU
60:30:25Max Maronde0MDU
70:31:11Conner Nilsen0MWestern
80:31:35Garret Moehring0MCMU
90:31:42Isak Larson0MCC
100:31:45Nicholas Hoch0MCC
110:32:33Egor Gavrilov38MClearfield
120:32:42Jamie Peacock0MUW
130:33:00Michael Pelletier0MUSAFA
140:33:01Matthew Joseph Williams0MUW
150:33:08Spencer Canen0MUW
160:33:17Evan Hoch0MUSAFA
170:33:51James Roloff0MCMU
180:34:07AJ Maijala0MWestern
190:34:17Emmet Shuman0MCC
200:34:23Sean Kraemer0MUW
210:34:36Kevin Koch48MGrand Jct
220:34:45Sean Meeker0MWestern
230:35:03Josh Puyear0MCSU
240:35:10Justin Arndt0MCSU
250:35:36Eva Smith0FUW-Grad
260:35:39Christopher Miller37MGrand Junction
270:35:58Sammy Veauthier0FUW
280:36:01Peter Marriott0MUSAFA
290:36:10Felix Battle0MCC
300:36:21Tai-Lee Smith20FGrand Junction
310:36:40Ivan Sippy19MDurango
320:36:46May Lamb0FCC
330:37:13Jack Spranger18MSammamish
340:37:24Bradley Walters0MCMU
350:37:29Russel Bollig59MGlenwood Springs
360:37:32Justin Silcox53MCarbondale
370:38:04Christie Aschwanden51FCedaredge
380:38:31Ian Anderson22MGrand Junction
390:38:45Brian Williams39MCarbondale
400:38:55Sterling Schrader0MWestern
410:38:56Macayla Scheidt0FCSU
420:39:03Isabella Brown0FUW-DEV
430:39:17Gwynn Barrows35FGrand Junction
440:39:30Dewa Ilg15FDurango
450:40:21Leo Li0MUW
460:40:26Ollie Beland0MCC
470:41:10Regan Hansen0FUSAFA
480:41:19John Huang0MUW
490:41:39Feeble Ilg60MDurango
500:41:46Hank McAlvanah21MGrand Junction
510:42:35Rudy Bolona54MGlenwood Springs
520:43:12Al Purkenas31MBasalt
530:43:12Mary Reinbold0FCC
540:43:21Ruby Lamb0FCC
550:43:51Ieva (Ava) Urbon-Purkene29FBasalt
560:44:04Margo Niskanen0FUSAFA
570:44:46Kacey Doner25FGrand Junction
580:45:56Helen Carlsen62FBasalt
590:45:57Ray Yang0MUW
600:46:03Kyle Stone54MFruita
610:46:06Samantha Wineland0FUSAFA
620:46:45Kajsa Holland-Goon0FCSU
630:47:33Ken Pill62MGrand Junction
640:47:43Quentin Grun30MGrand Junction
650:47:55Brad Burritt61MHotchkiss
660:48:13Anna Gavrilova37FClearfield
670:48:58Andy Zhu0MUW
680:49:17Doris Dan0FUW
690:50:01Ben Arndt58MGolden
700:50:10Eliane Wissocq68FHotchkiss
710:51:45Doug Johnston67MGrand Junction
720:52:06Mark Spoon60MMesa
730:53:41Bella Jurewicz0FCSU
740:54:19Henry Lehman65MGlenwood Springs
750:54:43Benji Tan0MUW
760:55:03Pablo Hadzeriga64MSteamboat
770:55:59Abby Deng0FUW
780:57:48Eric Jansen71MFruita
790:57:55Oliver Ferdinand0MUSAFA
800:58:36Luna Jiang0FUW
810:59:29Megan Nguyen0FUSAFA
821:00:23Heidi Shen0FUW
831:00:26Chuck Bodie69MGrand Junction
841:00:33Tali Thurston64FMontrose
851:01:01Caroline Cheng0FUW
861:01:18Daniel Tille43MGrand Junction
871:02:42Kaarin Holter0FUSAFA
881:02:53Royce Hinojosa0MCC
891:03:30Will McNulty55MGrand Junction
901:03:43John Thrasher73MDelta
911:03:48Kori Mooney0FUW
921:04:05Dave Batten73MMontrose
931:04:27John Unger66MMontrose
941:07:30Karalee Sutterlin68FGrand Junction
951:10:05Nilam Hypio26FHotchkiss
961:10:10Don Metzler68MDebeque
971:11:52Richard Hypio67MHotchkiss
981:22:04Lori Stone60FFruita
991:23:36Sophia Bograd0FCC
1001:28:28Xander Wick23MPalisade CO
1011:28:90Theresa Miner57FCollbran