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Heart Throb Relay 2022/2023

Heart Throb Relay hand-off
The Carter/Wilson team hands off
Heart Throb Relay winning team
The top male team Ben Graves and Bryant Mason
Five days after Valentines Day an intimate but enthusiastic group of racers gathered at Skyway Trailhead for our Heart Throb Relay.  There were five teams, three co-ed and two male, and three individual male participants for a total of thirteen racers.  Conditions were snowy and perfectly wintry to start the day, but the weather cleared and sunshine and blue skies were abundant in time for the race’s finish.  The top male team was Ben Graves and Bryant Mason, the top co-ed team was Don Metzler and Valerie Eipper, and the top century team was John Thrasher and Henry Lehman.  Although this was a relay, it is worth recognizing and honoring the race’s top overall finisher, Kevin Koch, who completed the 5K loop twice in an impressive time of 34:23.


There was an energetic and jovial team of volunteers present who ensured the day ran smoothly and that everything went off without a hitch.  Huge thanks to Lost Mesa Grill for generously donating the post-race red curry tofu vegetable soup and to Cedaredge Food Town for contributing pre-race donuts.  Raffle prizes were donated by Antelope Trading Company, Peach Street Distillery, Ela Family Farms, Base Camp Beer Works, and LFMA Designs.  As always, we would like to extend a special thanks to our race series sponsor, Empowered Energy Systems, and to our grooming crew for preparing the beautiful course and providing support throughout the day.

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End Location: 


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Starting Time: 

11:00 am

Starting Temp: 

1 34:23Kevin Koch (Solo) M
2 35:54Ben Graves & Bryant Mason (Male team) M
3 44:27Brad Burritt (Solo) M
4 50:48John Thrasher & Henry Lehman (Century team) M
5 57:07Don Metzler & Valerie Eipper (Co-ed team) M/F
6 58:05Nilam Hypio & Richard Hypio (Co-ed team) M/F
7 58:39Tina Wilson & Tim Carter (Co-ed team) M/F
8 1:03:00Dave Batten (Solo) M