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Grand Mesa Classic 10K 2023/2024

Grand Mesa Classic leaders tackle the first hill

Grand Mesa Classic racers were greeted with a gorgeous day and a fun course with fast tracks. What could be better? Andrew Ralston continues to impress this season as he captured the win handily. Ross Delaplane and “Feeble” Ilg pushed him through the race but couldn’t close the gap at the end. Dewa Ilg, coming off two days of racing at Soldiers Hollow, was fresh enough to be the fastest woman. Bill Roberts continues to feed his racing bug joining Steen and Sarah Rose enjoying the course more than anyone. Good work everyone!

This race was Race #3 out of 5 in the Empowered Energy Systems Race Series. Remember, each competitor’s best 4 results will count for the final total and 4 events must be completed to qualify for prizes. Please note, though, the non-competitive Friluftsliv Skiathon will count toward the participation requirement, i.e., 3 races plus the Skiathon will still qualify you. Thanks as always to our great door prize donors: Ela Family Farms, REI, Antelope Chocolate Co. and Octopus Coffee. Volunteers and our crack grooming crew make it all happen and we deeply appreciate it!

Start Location: 


End Location: 


Race Date: 


Starting Time: 

11:00 am

Starting Temp: 

10:36:58Andrew Ralston M 34Basalt
20:37:28Ross  Delaplane M 53Dolores
30:37:46Feeble  Ilg M 62Durango
40:39:35Kevin  Koch M 49Grand Junction
50:41:27Dewachen  Ilg F 16Durango
60:44:23Peter  Marshall M 64Palisade
70:46:02Dan  Schultz-Ela M 68Hotchkiss
80:47:42Ken Pill M 63Grand Junction
90:47:56Doug  Johnston M 68Grand Junction
100:48:41Brad  Burritt M 62Hotchkiss
110:49:12Dan  Tille M 27Grand Junction
120:49:29Tina  Wilson F 67Grand Junction
130:49:41Steve  Colby M 71Cedaredge
140:50:01Valerie  Eipper F 62Montrose
150:52:39Tigran Bailey M 45Somerset
160:53:03Mark Spoon M 61Mesa
170:53:11Tim  Carter M 88Grand Junction
180:56:10John Thrasher M 74Delta
190:58:34Dave  Batten M 74 Montrose
200:59:37Keith  Holdsworth M 58Palisade
211:04:34Henry  Lehman M 66Glenwood Springs
221:09:21Lori  Stone F 61Fruita
231:12:16Steen  Rose M 40Fruita
241:14:24Bill Roberts M 76Grand Junction
251:24:21Sarah  Rose F 34Fruita