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Empowered Energy 2022/2023 Series Overall FINAL


Overall Series winners Helen Carlsen and Chris Miller show off their new Loki jackets after the Mesa Meltdown.

The Empowered Energy Systems 2022/2023 Race Series was completed with the Mesa Meltdown and results have been finalized. It takes 3 races completed to qualify for the final awards and the best 3 results for each racer were counted, i.e. for those who raced 4 races, their worst result was dropped. A big thanks to all of our racers who made this Series competitive and fun!

Series titles were still in contention for both men and women going into the final race but Chris Miller and Helen Carlsen once again proved that it pays to show up as well as be fast. Chris and Helen each won a fantastic Loki jacket for coming out on top. Everyone else, rest up and plan to challenge these stalwarts next season!

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End Location: 


Race Date: 


Starting Time: 

Starting Temp: 

*Christie AschwandenF19181956
*not eligible for prizes but still needs to be recognized as a fast badass skier!
Helen CarlsenF1816141549
Gwynn BarrowsF201838
Dewa ilgF171734
Caryl BrownF141428
Jenny BarsnessF151328
Tali ThurstonF101121
Ella DeWolfF2020
Emma BarsnessF2020
Tai-Lee SmithF2020
Lizzy BarsnessF1919
Rachel Bachman PerkinsF1919
Sarah SlaughterF1818
Marilyn KastensF1717
Tracy PihlF1717
Colleen FinnoffF1616
Ieva (Ava) Urbon-PurkeneF1616
Lori AndersonF1616
Theresa MinerF9716
Kacey DonerF1515
Valerie EipperF1515
Jordan MinerF1414
Anna GavrilovaF1313
Eileen McCulloughF1313
Tina WilsonF1313
Charity WatsonF1212
Eliane WissocqF1212
Tara SuplizioF1212
Karalee SutterlinF1010
Nilam HypioF99
Lori StoneF88
Naomi McCreaF88
Chris MillerM1719171653
Russel BolligM16141343
Garrett MoehringM202040
Rudy BolonaM15158838
Dave RasmussenM191837
Jacob BarsnessM201737
Kevin KochM181836
Steve IlgM1610935
Kyle BoschenM141731
Justin SilcoxM141327
Ken PillM10125127
Brad BurrittM7103724
Brian WilliamsM111122
Benjamin NorenM2020
Dan Schultz-ElaM91120
Egor GavrilovM1919
Reed SullivanM1919
Brett WilsonM1818
Ivan SippyM1616
Brandon HansonM1515
Jack SprangerM1515
Greg FinnoffM1414
David MarkM1313
Martin WiesiolekM1313
Dusty DodsonM1212
Ian AndersonM1212
Lew KierkegaardM1212
Steve ColbyM37111
William QuinlanM1111
Doug JohnstonM9110
John UngerM451110
Sean WalmsleyM1010
Chuck BodieM16119
Hank McAlvanahM99
Michael HuttonM549
Darrell DuchonM88
James DammanM88
Kyle StoneM628
Al PurkenasM77
Bernie GardnerM66
Tom SuplizioM66
Jim HinmanM55
Jim O’ConnerM44
Quentin GrunM44
Don MetzlerM1113
Erik BorlingM33
John ThrasherM11113
Mark SpoonM1113
Mike KerriganM33
Ben ArndtM22
Chad BarsnessM112
Dan TilleM112
Dave BattenM112
JD BamfordM22
Richard HypioM112
Robert MoehringM22
Steve ElaM112
Bill HiltyM11
Dave KnutsonM11
David GollobM11
Eric JansenM11
Henry LehmanM11
Jeff MinerM11
Jerry FayM11
Joe RameyM11
Kevin KrauseM11
Nathan KarczM11
Pablo HadzerigaM11
Randall GiletteM11
Will McNultyM11
Xander WickM11