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WinterStart 5K 2022/2023

Winterstart winners
Emma Barsness and Ferguson St John were the Winterstart winners!

Winter has a great start on Grand Mesa! This was celebrated with the WinterStart 5K at Skyway, the first race in this season’s series sponsored by Empowered Energy Systems. This year’s early snowpack plus the extensive off-season trailwork completed allowed us to groom the Sunset-Lions-Arroyo loop for the race course. This was a great improvemnet over the course we’ve been using most years, Scales Lake Road out and back on thin snow. A huge bravo for Dave Smith and our Operations staff for making this happen!

Ferguson St.John and Emma Barsness prevailed on this challenging course as they were the winning male and female in both the 5K Classic and 5K Freestyle races. Ferguson won the Classic race by a wide margin but was seriously challenged by Torbjorn Roed in the Freestyle. It was shaping up to be a photo finish until Torbjorn lost his balance on the final curve 20 yards from the finish and hit the deck. A remarkably fit 50 Christie Aschwanden was the second place female in both races pushing the young Emma.

The two winners each received a cash prize plus a Mom Tille hand knitted GMNC hat. Everyone else got a chance at one of the great door prizes provided by our generous business supporters Peach Street Distillers, Peachfork Winery, Bestslope Coffee, Enstrom’s Toffee and Ela Family Farms. As always, thanks to our lead sponsor Empowered Energy Systems. And, of course, it’s our volunteers who make it all happen. Thanks to Melanie, Diane, Larry and Shannon!

Start Location: 


End Location: 


Race Date: 


Starting Time: 

11:00 am

Starting Temp: 

117:01Ferguson St John18M
218:21Jacob Barsness22M
318:56David Rasmussen43M
419:10Brett Wilson37M
519:15Emma Barsness19F
619:19Kai Skellion15M
719:20Ethan Barber18M
819:51Chris Miller37M
920:39Christie Aschwanden50F
1020:48Russel Bollig59M
1121:34Rudy Bolona54M
1221:38Kyle Boschen54M
1322:24Martin Wiesiolek57M
1422:34Jake Linscott17M
1522:59Gavin Daly18M
1623:04Jackson Filmore15M
1723:21Helen Carlsen62F
1823:25Dusty Dodson54M
1923:45William Quinlan67M
2023:48Alexander Gonzalez17M
2124:00Dominic Milam17M
2224:15Emma Bergsten16F
2324:18Ava Bergsten16F
2424:31Ken Pill61M
2524:41Daniel Schultz-Ela66M
2624:56James Damman59M
2725:30Brad Burritt61M
2826:17Marilyn Kastens66F
2926:36Tom Suplizio58M
3026:43Addison Marsh0F
3126:49Lori Anderson59F
3226:53Michael Hutton66M
3327:15Jenny Barsness52F
3427:21John Unger65M
3527:24Jordan Miner20F
3627:34Steve Colby70M
3727:56JD Bamford50M
3828:06Tina Wilson66F
3928:06Dan Tille43M
4028:16Chuck Bodie69M
4128:31Joe Ramey66M
4228:40John Thrasher73M
4329:34Steve Ela59M
4430:05Chad Barsness52M
4530:46Tara Suplizio53F
463106Tali Thurston64F
4731:57Mark Spoon60M
4834:05Theresa Miner57F
4934:10Don Metzler68M
5034:22Jeff Miner58M
5141:59Nathan Karcz35M
5242:00Naomi McCrea32F
115:36Ferguson St John18M
215:50Torbjorn Roed25M
316:10Brett Wilson37M
416:20Ethan Barber18M
516:21David Rasmussen43M
616:44Kai Skellion15M
716:49Kyle Boschen54M
816:51Chris Miller37M
916:57Emma Barsness19F
1018:01Russel Bollig59M
1118:05Justin Silcox52M
1218:11Christie Aschwanden50F
1318:18Finn Bradbury17M
1418:28Tyler Blair14M
1518:55Ian Anderson22M
1619:16Dean Cahow65M
1719:49Gavin Daly18M
1819:57Ava Bergsten16F
1920:04Jonah Barber15M
2020:05Sadie Silcox14F
2120:18Tom Suplizio58M
2220:23Lori Anderson59F
2320:29Jackson Filmore15M
2420:40Kyle Stone54M
2520:46Ken Pill61M
2621:07William Quinlan67M
2721:08James Damman59M
2821:31Loren Eavins37M
2921:36Brad Burritt61M
3022:14Jake Linscott17M
3122:17Alison Silcox51F
3222:23Eliane Wissocq67F
3322:26Dominic Milam17M
3422:34Daniel Schultz-Ela66M
3522:57Michael Hutton66M
3623:27Mark Spoon60M
3723:50Tara Suplizio53F
3824:07Addison Marsh0F
3924:36Marilyn Kastens66F
4024:52Joe Ramey66M
4126:07Chuck Bodie69M
4226:12Dave Knutson73M
4326:24Chad Barsness52M
4426:30Tina Wilson66F
4527:51William McNulty54M
4628:34Don Metzler68M
4728:45Dan Tille43M
4831:25John Unger65M
4932:26Lori Stone54F