January 11, 2020

A cold day for the race, 2 laps around Winslow and Sunset for 10K!
Lots of 3-pins and woodies and knickers! Those were pine tar days!

Congrats to the participants and ageless vintaged costumed skiers!

Lee Gelatt in vintage gear at GMNC ski race. Jan. 11, 2020.

1- Chris Miller 29:06
2- Kevin Koch 32:36
3- John Stratton 35:00
4-Annie Mueller 36:05 (First female)
5-Mary Wacker 36:34 (First male classic skier)
6- Caryl Brown 36:44
7- Winslow Robertson 36:49
8-Shannon Koch 37:23
9-Mark Truckey 38:10
10-Sam Thornhill 39:06
11- Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer 39:14
12-Brad Burritt 40:30
13-Dan Schulz-Ela 42:00
14-John Thrasher 43:28
15-Martin Wiesiolek 45:22 (First vintage skier)
16- Dave Batton 51:47
17-Scott Bierman 52:40
18-Tom Lambert 55:54 (Vintage)
19- Chuck Bodie 59:37 (Vintage)

Vintage ski tour:
Lee Gelatt
Kathy Patner
Greg Krush

Vintage Prizes:
Best in show: Martin Wiesiolek
Best style/attire: Kathy Patner
Best skis: Chuck Bodie

Start photo courtesy of Shannon Koch. Vintage skier – Lee Gelatt gets rated on his woodies!