map of current conditions on County Line xc ski trails
16 Nov, 2021
Groomer Dave skis on dog loop
scales lake trail on Nov 14, 2021
Kannah Crossing in mid-nov 2021

This map outlines the best skiing right now. The trails with the blue marker (dog loop, Scales Lake Rd) have great coverage and a good skate surface. Purple (tower trail, Skyway portions of Scales Lake) is mostly good, with some obvious (avoidable) thin patches, and gold marks a few short spots in the sun where the ground is bare. Only  the areas with the prime skiing are marked. Most of the trails have been packed out as of November 16, but there will be some rocks and patchy areas on the other trails.

Not marked on the map: Kannah Crossing and Vista Ridge have been packed and grated for skating and were in pretty good shape on Sunday, though there are a few big rocks and patchy spots, so be alert.

Photos: map, Groomer Dave enjoying the fruits of his labor on Dog Loop, Scales Lake Trail, and Kannah Crossing. Click on photos to enlarge.