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In the interest of cooperation and expediting the completion of this logging project, GMNC has agreed to an extension of the logging use of Scales Lake Road. (Details on the agreement in this Forest Service press release.)

Scales Lake Road will remain closed to skiing until December 15. On that date, the logging use of the road will end and we will face no future closures from this logging project. In the meantime, nearly every other trail at Skyway-County Line is groomed and open, thanks to our unprecedented early season snow.

We know that the extension of the SLR closure is not ideal, but this plan will allow the project to be completed with the least amount of disruption to our ski trails. Come December 15, this logging project will be behind us and we can reopen Scales Lake Road.

Until then, we have a temporary bypass trail to allow ski travel between Skyway and County Line. This bypass trail goes from the portion of the Tower trail between the Overlook Trail and the tower and Kannah Crossing trail. (See map.) We are also working to make a second bypass that would connect the tower trail to Kannah Trail heading straight north from intersection 13. Stay tuned for info on that. We hope this new snow will make that bypass possible.

We are working with the Forest Service on creating maps to display at the Skyway and County Line trailheads showing how the closures affect ski routes so that skiers can avoid becoming stranded or having to unexpectedly double back because of closed routes.

Please cooperate with this short-term closure. Do not attempt to ski on Scales Lake Road prior to its reopening. You could encounter a logging truck on the road, and in the narrow spots, there is nowhere to get out of the way.

Our conditions at Skyway and County Line are very good for this time of the season, with more snow coming — things to be thankful for!