photo of Scales Lake Road in 2020
13 Sep, 2021

We have good news to share. The timber project that was slated to close Scales Lake Road to skier use until December 23 of this year has been delayed until next season. The Forest Service and Montrose Forest Products (the local company that holds the logging contract) have also accepted GMNC’s request to shift the dates when Scales Lake Road will be used for logging to make this trail closure less disruptive to our operations. Instead of using Scales Lake Road for logging trucks in the early season when it is very often the only trail with sufficient snow for grooming, the logging trucks will use Scales Lake Road in February and March of 2023, when we are more likely to have sufficient snow to groom temporary alternative routes to connect Skyway and County Line. MFP aims to complete the project in one season.

This plan will allow GMNC to provide a safe and varied skiing experience for our trail users, and it will allow the logging project to be completed without cutting off access between our two main trailheads or leaving us without suitable terrain for skiing and events. Pushing back the project until next season will give GMNC, the Forest Service and Montrose Forest Products time to work together to ensure that this plan can be executed safely and with the least disruption to skiers and loggers.

Thank you for your letters and calls of support. Your voices made a difference and helped us have a productive conversation with the Forest Service. The GMNC supports the science-based management of our forests, and we are pleased that we could find a solution that enables this logging project and our operations to coexist. We are grateful to Forest Service District Ranger Blll Edwards and Recreation Staff Officer Mike Jones for coming back to the table to work with us on this issue. And we are especially grateful to Montrose Forest Products for their willingness to work together to ensure an outcome that’s agreeable to all. We hope the collaborative spirit shown here will continue and serve as an example of how communities can work together for the common good.

Christie Aschwanden
Executive Director, GMNC