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2020-2021 GMNC Race Series Standings after 3 of 4 races

  • Three races have been completed so far, two virtual, the WinterStart 5K and the Grand Mesa Virtual 10K, and one in person, the Skyway Skuffle 15K.
  • Each virtual race had a Classic and a Skate division. Series points were awarded for each. The Skyway Skuffle was Freestyle and points were awarded as such. Classic skiers were admired but not scored separately.
  • 1st place earned 20 points, 2nd earned 19, 3rd earned 18, and so on down through the first 20 places. 1 point was awarded to everyone after 20th.
  • The next race is the Mesa Meltdown 20K on March 21. It will be a freestyle race and will be in person. Yay!
  • In an effort to minimize congregating before and after the race, there will be a staggered wave start. Please maintain safe distancing and masking when not on the course. Results will be posted online in the evening.
  • Registration will be in advance only, no race day sign up! Exact details will be posted soon on the race webpage.
  • Helen Carlsen and Lori Anderson are currently tied for the Series lead for Women. That means whichever of the two finishes ahead in the Mesa Meltdown 20K will win the Series. Russ Bollig has a solid Series lead for Men.
  • Open the PDF for full Series standings.

2020-2021 Race Series Standings after 3 of 4 races