Board members attending: Joe Ramey, Tina Wilson, Don Metzler, Jodi Peterson

  1. Comments from GMNC members/guests.

GMNC members attending: Dave Knutson – prev. president, coaches; Tim Carter – teaches skiing, operated 2 touring centers, trail design;  Lynea Schultz-Ela – interested in joining board; Richard Hypio – founder of Skis for Kids, former board member; Anita Evans – first secretary of GMNC, founder of Skis for Kids; Christie Aschwanden – member since 2004, former board president, Dave Aschwanden – CMU coach; Albert Borkowski – longtime member; Tom Ela – ex board member, current race director; Dan Tille: interested in joining board, getting certified as ski instructor this year

Highlights from Member Comments:

  • Dave : Would like grooming reports posted for his team, especially a forecast for when next grooming will happen.
  • Dan:  Need better outreach and education, and signage, about trail etiquette and where dogs should be.
  • Dave: Dogs – with this new entrance at County Line is there a way to cross over to trail and get to Overlook? Need to let people go from County Line straight out to Tower with their dogs.
  • Lynea: Really appreciates that GMNC is posting on FB and keeping people informed. Wants communication about Ward and grooming.


  1. Discuss Board membership.  Recommendation for 7-9 members for efficiency.

Two new members  were voted onto the board unanimously for a total of 6 board members.  Board will revise GMNC mission statement soon.

  • Lynea Schultz-Ela:  North Fork/Hotchkiss resident,  brings valuable experience and business acumen, has contributed hundreds of volunteer hours over two decades, frequent skier.
  • Dan Tille: has a passion for skiing, interested in kids programs. Pursuing his PSIA Level 1 ski instructor certification this year.
  • Tom Ela: taking a break from board. Term limited off board as of last April.  Board needs to change bylaws to remove term limits. Tom will continue to run race committee for GMNC.
  1. Treasurer’s report- Callie West
  • Regarding transfer of records from former president/treasurer Terri Stright: Financial history is intact and GMNC is in strong financial shape. Total liquid assets of almost $224,000. Some restricted by gift. Board designated capital fund of $194,000. This is GMNC’s money to spend as the board determines. Not an irrevocable restricted fund.
  • Need to upload this year’s financial data to website.
  • GMNC got important grants last year from Mesa County, $20,000 and from Delta, $5000 up from $3000. Would be good to have person w/ fundraising and grants skills on board.


  1. Operations organization:
  • Grooming: Winslow Robertson suggestion to create committee with Tom Lambert, Winslow and Don for operations and Don would be point person for communicating with Rich. Dave A. volunteered to provide technical advice and support to groomers.

Head groomer at Snow Mountain Ranch could come over and spend a couple days with Rich and other new groomers going over finer points of grooming.

Motion: The advisory committee will create a proposal with details to come for grooming training as soon as possible. Passes unanimously.

  • Board reaffirms commitment to CMU Nordic team and promoting youth and kid events.
  • Forest Service has offered to cost-share for a seasonal Nordic ranger for 2 months.  On weekends would be out on trails, talking to people. Don will negotiate with FS.
  • We have a new trailhead in process at the west end of County Line for dog access. Ranger would be helping people with dogs to use the dog trailhead once it is ready for use.
  • We need an education plan for snowmobilers. Boundary signs for Ward are in the wrong place. Need to go talk to lodges, REI, etc. to get them to educate people.
  • PSIA certification: Dan suggests we become a PSIA ski school member.  Motion to pay $55 for certification. Passes unanimously.
  • Motion for a committee to discuss membership acknowledgement and benefits. Joe, Lynea and Dan interested in being on this committee as board members. Will involve Tim. Passed unanimously.


  • GMNC is working with Grand Valley Nordic Club. Their training events are welcome on GMNC trails.  Our general philosophy is for the GMNC and the GVNSC to work seamlessly together to support Nordic skiing.
  • Martin is doing a fantastic job with the website, getting information up there and making it professional and fast.
  1. Race Schedule:
  • Tom: Has 3 races scheduled. No Winterstart or Meltdown races this year.  See website for schedule.
  • Christie  A. also plans to put on a race.
  1. Adult Programs update:
  • Callie: Season Kick off Dec. 14. Private and semiprivate lessons offered. All info is on website.  Really nice seamless online process for registration, payment and waivers.
  • Dave: Be ready for early season – it’s everything for Nordic racers. Racers all across state are eager to get on snow. Good early season translates to donations from members and racers.