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GMNC Board meeting minutes

GMNC Board meeting minutes 14October2020 6:00-8:25 PM

Our Mission Statement: Grand Mesa Nordic Council is a community-supported, nonprofit organization of people who love to cross-country ski on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado. We are dedicated to promoting fun, safe, cross-country skiing experiences for skiers of all ages and abilities.

Attending Board members: Winslow Robertson, Dave Aschwanden, Caryl Brown, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Joe Ramey.   Absent: Dan Tille

Note: all motions were passed unanimously.

1. Guest comments:  Denise Massart- “It has been great to learn more and be involved with the GMNC.”  Toby Morse asked to join the meeting at 6:53PM via email, but that message was not seen until well after the meeting.

2. Minutes from 9 September Board meeting. Motion to accept by Joe, second by Lynea, passed without comment.

3. Financial statement and review– Lynea.

  • Income was up $1,406 from the September statement, from $5159 to $6565.
  • The REI grant of $2600 should be moved from restricted to payables funds, as the new trail maps and signs have been bought and mostly deployed by our awesome volunteers.

4. Lynea talking points

  • Ideas for better stewardship of the forest land. Lynea & Dan removed one ton of trash off the trails. We need to clean up after our events and at the end of the season and not let trash accumulate.
  • Naming trails after Tom Lambert and the Ela family (especially Tom) at Skyway/County Line, and Art Trevena & Joyce Tanihara at Ward for their years of volunteer efforts. Winslow: Art & Joyce were the2017 volunteers of the year, and they continue to be The Stewards of Ward. Trail name suggestions: “Lambert’s Lane” at County Line, “Ela’s Overlook” at Skyway, “Joyce and Art overlook” at Ward. Joe will inquire with the USFS about changing trail names.
  • Wrap up on volunteers and work completed. Volunteer of the year is Kevin Pape. Last work day was 7 October installing signs at Ward. T shirts are ordered. Lynea can deliver in the North Fork, Joe in the Grand Valley.  Lynea will provide Joe with a list of volunteers for a newsletter article.

5. Winslow talking points– a new Ward grader proposition. Current Ward grader is about 275lbs and very unwieldy. This old setter is hard on the snowmobiles and our worker. Also it is no longer made by Yellowstone Track Systems. Rich McCreanor drafted a new, lighter design and shared it at All Metals in Grand Junction. Designed grader width is five feet, so two passes will groom Ward. Cost estimate is $2000-3000 but we don’t know the amount yet.  We can sell the old grader, at least for scrap metal. Lynea: Perhaps we can submit a grant to the GJ Lion’s Club for the cost of the new grader; Joe offered to help.  Joe made a motion: the grader cost comes from the capital fund, then we pursue a grant to replace it, Caryl seconded. Passed. *Note: the All-Metals estimate for the grader was $2373.33 sent to Joe on 21October.

All Metals in GJ has been a supporter and donor to the GMNC. We will have them on our sponsor webpage and perhaps further acknowledgement on social media.

Some discussion about county grants. Joe will contact Callie about the Mesa County grant process.

Some discussion about different groomer attachments. Tom Lambert and Winslow have all the grooming implements up to Skyway in early October. The snowmobiles have been repaired/maintained at Weekender Sports in Hotchkiss. Lynea will pick them up and store them at her farm until needed on the trails. Dave Smith and Dave Aschwanden have trucks that can pull snowmobiles up to Skyway. Winslow noted our excellent equipment and thanked the Board for this support. Member donations and Jean Thomas Lambert Foundation have been instrumental to supporting equipment.

6. Joe talking point– Master Development Plan (a 10 year vision) and Annual Operating Plan were submitted to Ryan@USFS on 5 October. These documents are being reviewed by the USFS. This is the first step for the permanent warming hut concept at Skyway.

7. Board Discussion points

  • Lessons Program to happen this season? Laura Johnston’s comments were noted and appreciated. Tina and Tim have also said they want to give lessons. Dave Aschwanden believes lessons can be given within COVID restrictions. GMNC needs a touch-point person. Touch-point person would coordinate with instructors about completed lessons. Stipend before was 75% for instructor, 25% for GMNC. But we are supporting the instructors less this season with no Adult Program Manager. Joe volunteers as touch-point person. Joe will talk to Dan Tille about website structure for Lessons. *We need to become directors of our own website.
  • How to enlist new Board members, especially officers such as Secretary and Treasurer. Lynea suggested we use the newsletter to ask the members for this Board need, including a membership director, grant writer.
  • Advertise in the Winter Out West insert in the GJ Daily Sentinel newspaper to be issued 22 November?

The Board thinks it will be effective for adding membership. Joe made a motion for 1/8 page = $380, seconded Lynea. Passed. We may use boost funds for this on social media. Caryl and Joe and perhaps Tina will produce the graphic.

  • Participate with fundraiser Kid’s Pasta Project in Paonia on 2 November? In the past it has made about $500. We need MailChimp and Facebook posts. Lynea will write up the MailChimp message for both fundraisers; Joe will post.
  • Participate with fundraiser at Kannah Creek Brewery in Grand Junction also on 2 November? Donation is typically  $350. GMNC will have no membership table this year. Profits from one style of beer (between 11AM-9PM) goes to the GMNC. Joe will do the KAFM interview at 12:10 on 2 November.
  • Tom Ela offered to do MailChimp; Tina has offered this work for pay.
  • Denise parting comments– wants to see the latest financial statements and she will talk to Callie.

8. Additional vote after the Board meeting: Website additional billing, and e-commerce approval: October 26, 2020, BOD email vote approved by Dan, Joe, Lynea, Winslow. No vote from Caryl.


9. Executive Session:

The meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.

The next scheduled Board meeting will be on November 11, 6-8PM.