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GMNC Board meeting minutes

GMNC Board meeting minutes 11November2020 6:00-8:42 PM

Our Mission Statement: “Grand Mesa Nordic Council is a community-supported, nonprofit organization of people who love to cross-country ski on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado. We are dedicated to promoting fun, safe, cross-country skiing experiences for skiers of all ages and abilities.

Attending Board members: Caryl Brown, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Dan Tille, Joe Ramey      Absent: Winslow Robertson, Dave Aschwanden

1. Guest comments:

·         Felix Lovanni– appreciative of recent grooming, trees down on Scales Glade, volunteering to work a membership table at the weekend parking lots- wants a script, Ward Way Picnic area parking lot could be alternative parking, CDOT will be reconfiguring that road in the near future.

·         Steve Bennet– moved here from the east coast and settled here in part because of the GMNC, he has helped teach ski lessons, wants to help out and be involved, thinks Grand Mesa is well situated for skiing with looming climate change.

·         Colleen McAllister– new to the area from Glenwood Springs and Spring Gulch, wants to get involved as a Board member and Membership Director.

·         Larry Gruel– grew up alpine skiing on the east coast, recently moved here from the Carbondale area, interested in Board Treasurer position, nearly 30 years of finance background, also race organization background, even construction background.

·         Christina Stark– focus on youth coaching and programs, cofounder of GVNSC; how can the GVNSC & GMNC work together; making sure that the GVNSC is welcome to ski on the GMNC trails; coaches include Anita Evans and Dave Knutson; would like to do their on the GMNC trails; Dan commented on COVID restrictions from Mesa County- groups 10 or less, 12ft distancing, must apply two weeks in advance, pre-registration only, Lynea commented please check GMNC event calendar so there is no conflict; Dan mentioned the planned GMNC two kid’s events and welcomed GVNSC to be involved, Caryl would like to be involved, Dave Smith has terrain-park building skills.

Note: all motions were passed unanimously.

2. Minutes from the 14 October Board meeting. Motion to accept Joe, seconded Dan, passed without comment.

3. Financial statement and review- Lynea, we have several outstanding equipment invoices and overages already, we are well ahead on ordinary income, we will move the REI grant into regular funds to regular operating funds now that the signs have all been installed, Lambert Foundation reserve of $3000 for snowcat maintenance to be used now for these bills. Lynea made a motion to move Lambert funds to offset the snowcat costs, Joe seconded, passed. Some discussion of monthly financial documents and the responsibility of the Board to keep track of finances. We need a financial committee.

Lynea- Kids Pasta Project fundraiser on 2 November, lots of member interaction, made $362; Joe- also on 2 November was a fundraiser at Kannah Creek Brewery with 35 pints sold. We made the fundraisers happen in the time of COVID, a not trivial accomplishment.

4. Joe talking points

·         Operations/Start of season details

o   Season begins 15 November, lack of preparedness- numerous trees down

o   Hiring of Eric Jansen and Rich McCreanor are back on the payroll to get the trails ready for opening day.

o   PB400 going up top Thursday 19Nov, Rich will be there.

o   New All-Metals grader (replacing Ward grader) will be ready around 20 November. Note- it was picked up on 23 November and cost $2187 plus the cost of combs from YTS, $258.78.

o   Lynea called Weekender Sports about the delivery of our new snowmobile. All snowmobile orders are pushed back and delayed. Note- the new snowmobile will be delivered in the first week of December.

·         AOP update – came back with requested changes to signs; resubmitted to the USFS on 17 November. Comments on the Master Development Plan have not yet been received. Additional trail signs can only be displayed on the permanent blue posts, not just stuck in the snow. Posts may need to be installed at the trailheads for these signs.

·         Sign work still needed at CL#2 entrance, frame to hold the sign to the posts needs to be configured. Note- Rich thinks the ground posts that Joe installed this summer are in the wrong place. Also, All Metals doesn’t have the hardware to create the sign frame.

·         Winter Out West, a newsprint pullout Sunday Dec. 13. Tina made ad size: 5 7/8” wide X 5 1/4” high. Price $380 plus Tina’s labor. Daily Sentinel wants to interview Joe for an opening day article.  Note- there was a large Daily Sentinel article on the front of the Lifestyle section on Sunday 15 November.


5.  Dan talking points

·         Race series update– at races we need a 12ft radius bubble around each participant; Dan & Tom Ela have decided on a virtual first race- designate a 5km course, pay a reduced race fee, complete the race via some GPS software over the course of a week, prizes would be mailed. Loki has donated prizes. Caryl has noticed all regional races are virtual and racers have become accustomed. It needs to get in the newsletter via MailChimp.

·         COVID protocol update– we can still have events, races, lessons to some extent. If a Stay-At-Home order is enacted, no events will be held but grooming can continue; warming hut is closed for now; GMNC needs to enforce COVID restrictions at our events. Larry mentioned the liability issues of policing the event and parking lot for compliance.

·         Website update– some site construction continues:

o   Sponsor Page including a Business Donation button.

o   Ecommerce website section for race entries, lessons entries, clinic entries will go through there and directly into the bank account using a Paypal account. LGL will still be used for Donations this season. Lynea asked how will we delineate different entry categories? Details will be separated and viewable. Colleen asked how we collected donations in the past? Answer mailed-in envelopes or LGL on the old website. And what were our previous membership outreach efforts? Answer paper newsletter (online only this season), membership tables at fundraisers and the trailheads, Facebook posts about membership. Some discussion about Giving Tuesday, 1December and Colorado Gives Day, 8 December.

o   Financial page, Larry suggests just one year of financial reporting, usually three years of tax returns, 990 forms. Dan will ask Martin about this structure.

Meeting ended at 8:42 PM.

The next meeting will be 9 December.