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Meeting called to order at 6 PM via Zoom Call


Reading of the Mission Statement by Dan Tille

Present at meeting: Dan Tille, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Tom Ela, Joe Ramey, Susie Attaway, Larry Gruel, Christie Ashwanden, Kris Kjeile, Beth Kline

Guest: John Traylor


Beth Kline introduced herself to us–she is the new bookkeeper. Welcome.


John Traylor introduced himself as potential board member. Born and raised in GJ, Returned 2 years ago and is enjoying the great skiing. Thinks the GMNC is a fantastic organization. He’s looking for ways to get involved and give back to community. Background in public finance, and has experience in non-profit work. Very happy to help with financial work. Would  like to help with capital campaign, grant writing, and general leadership for the board.


Minutes from the April meeting. Dan Tille moved to approve. All agreed. Except to add Jane’s last name: Tizem.


Treasurer Report presented by Susie Attaway. (Put in data points here)

Commentary by Joe: Grooming and heavy equipment and maintenance needs separate budget line items as it doesn’t compare year to year. We will need to add payroll line items for this work in order to account appropriately.


Commentary about trailboxes equaling last years even though membership was up considerably.


            Joe Ramey Comments: 1) We took a risk in deciding to hire an executive director and

            Additional income is a direct result of Christie Aschwandan’s work. 2) Additionally took a     

Hiring  an operations manager which also turned out to be successful decision given the hundreds of commentaries from members on excellent grooming. Everyone is happy.



Operations committee report–Joe Ramey. End of year had a few hours less grooming than last year but we had extraordinary grooming and super happy membership on the trails. Ops Team brought down all the equipment. Piston Bully is now at Prinoth due to less than expected service from prior service provider. Anticipated costs are equal. Action: Get cover on Piston Bully. Hut is cleaned up, put iinto container–and locked. Lynea comments–how wonderful it was to have all the season shut down happen by the grooming crew rather than a few board members.  Dan Tille–regarding summit trail widening, as to whether Winslow Robertson will be leading that work. Yes. Summit Trail will be widened but they are planning on keeping the intimate feel of this exciting trail.


Race and Events Committee–Tom Ela–committee discussed parameters for next season with 4 races.


Building committee–waiting on funding agreement being put together by Annie Murphey. Eric Jansen and Dan Tille are reworking the engineering contract.

*Larry made a motion: Allow Dan Tille to sign contracts and legal agreements related to the new building once the financial documents are all in place. Lynea Schultz-Ela seconded motion. All agreed.

This building is anticipated to be complete by this time next year. Our benefactor wants to see this complete as soon as possible as his legacy to the Grand Mesa and the GMNC.


Maps–plan and season process–Tom Ela. We need to get moving on this as we’ll need a reprint. We need a committee to establish any format changes, trail changes, sell ads etc. Christie wants to re-format the maps so we can increase map ads. Details all need to be worked out in committee. No decision about whether to do a whole new trail and kilometer map. Hope to have an outline for next board meeting. Committee will consist of Tom Ela, Dan Tille, Christie Aschwanden. Possibly invite Tina Wilson for the technical work. Do we need to add in the alternative logging trail, and snowshoe trail? Only printing 1 years worth due to potential for building in the upcoming year. We are currently OUT of maps.


Executive Report highlights

Ops Crew did more with fewer hours and excellent results. Phenomenal year–setting high expectations.

Fuel was at double the cost.

Two discussion points:

  1. Purchase a 3rd GMNC laptop for financial tasks. Currently 1 laptop with Christie, and 1 with the bookkeeper. The 3rd is for treasury work. Looking at $1500 for new laptop–possible getting a restored one at under $1000. Windows is needed for quickbooks online–Susie Attaway doesn’t have a laptop, she uses an iPadair. Action: the financial committee takes this discussion into a meeting as to needs, quick books, and how best to operate with financials.
  2. Changing fiscal year to end May 31, from ending in April 30. Christie would like to be able to have a clean year end with all seasonal expenses contained within one fiscal year. Tom Ela said our fiscal year is in our by-laws, and there is a process. Lynea Schultz-Ela will discuss with our tax accountant as to how to do this, and what the impacts will be. And, discuss what we need to do regarding large $800,000 donation for the hut project. John Traylor comments: changing fiscal years can be a messy process. Agrees to having separate “business” in quickbooks for the capital campaign hut project. Quickbooks can give us reports that line up disparate fiscal years. He recommends we look more at the grant cycle than the operations expenses. Tom Ela recommends we have a written proposal to change the by-laws if we intend to move forward with this.

Also in executive report is events schedule with trail run in September.


Board Member vote: Slate of returning directors and officers for the 2022-23 year. Nominated and elected by unanimous vote.

            Christie Aschwanden asked regarding terms for board members. Our by-laws include officers terms must be at minimum 1 year, and no longer than 3 years. General directors are not limited.


Officers elected are: Dan Tille Chairperson, Susie Attaway Treasurer, Denise Massert Secretary.

Returning Directors elected are Tom Ela, Joe Ramey, Larry Gruel, and Lynea Schultz-Ela (through August 2022 only).


Next meeting scheduled in Delta at Chamber of Commerce, 6 PM, June 14, 2022.


General meeting adjourned– 7:30 PM.

Executive Session to follow.