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GMNC Board meeting via Zoom May 12 2021

GMNC Board Meeting 5/12/21


Joe Ramey, Dan Tille, Colleen McCallister, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Tom Ela, Cameron Tyler, Larry Gruel, Caryl Brown, Winslow Robertson.


Joe read our Mission Statement in its entirety for the last time as Board President.  He acknowledged all the community support and happy reports from people about GMNC’s operations this winter.


1.  Guest comments – none.


2.  Minutes from March and April were reviewed with a number of adjustments (see the actual Minutes).  Minutes, as corrected, were approved and will be posted.


3. Financial update from Lynea and Larry.  The April financial update for end of season is not complete yet.  Roughly, however, this was the biggest year for GMNC income, over 100% above the prior year.  Winslow says $900 fuel bill will go on the 2021-2022 season, as will April payroll.  The donation box donations have not been included, but Lynea will check.  The website brought an additional $100 donation for the extended season, and there was one $250 donation.  The financial year for GMNC ends April 30.


4.   Colleen membership/donations update.  Total 661 members by the end of April (well above prior years).  Three large donations totaled $136,000.  After removing restricted purpose funds, $98,568 at the end of the year in membership donations.  Dan asked about a monthly donation box number in LGL to track what happens with trailboxes.  Colleen can do a month-by-month to see and start tracking on LGL, as it will be hard to do retroactively (Joe will ask Kris about that).  This will establish a base year and will be good to know next season to see where donations are coming from and what members value the most, families versus individual donations, etcetera.


Lynea already has trailboxes itemized by trailbox and it won’t be too hard to create a donation spreadsheet.  Lynea reports total number for contributions (not earned through races or lessons, but including unrestricted grants) is $150,000 for 2021 – $93,731 in combined individual/business donations that include the website donation button.  This does not include trailbox donations of $15,537.  The budget for this projected $7,500 – Dan noted this is likely going to continue into next season.  These are round numbers not yet reconciled by Larry and Kris.


5. Season wrap-up.  Joe and Winslow note GMNC had many successes this season.  Need to sit down and review that at some point.  We failed to have a kids’ program but race series and lessons were great.  Operations and grooming were spectacular.  All trails were open with less than 3’ of snow, which is unheard of.


Outside of COVID – Dan wonders why so successful.  Consensus of the board was success due to quality and consistency of grooming and website-redesign.  Eric, Joe, Dave Aschwanden, and eventually Rich put in a ton of work in the early season and got operations rolling with snowmobiles, helping to get an early start to a great year.


6. Skeleton budget analysis for the 2021-22 season.  Lynea has it on Google Drive.  Just a summary – skipping the budget process and line items now until June Board meeting.  In round numbers, expecting $147,000 income.  Operating expenses of $124,800 (includes all wishlists – Dan and Winslow).  Thus, $23,100 net revenue 2022.  Given current funds (minus restricted), adequate cushion to hire the ED (see below) in year one.   However, we need the ED to fund-raise especially outside grants, GoColorado, lessons, race program, corporate sponsors will be the first places to look.  Wishlists – Race budget bigger.  Dave looking for grooming sponsor – $3,000 for race series.  Blue board sponsor in the race – lots of different ways to raise sponsorships, including a social event per month – sponsors for that, or for example the CB nordic K Club – offering incentives to people who donate more than $1,000.


7. Executive Director job description and hiring process:   Board discussed proposed salary range, consensus that final compensation will emerge from the hiring process and hiring committee.  Board agreed it is imperative to set up a structure for ED success.


ED is expected to do hiring, firing, operations and non-profit work.  If the ED does not have a strong operations background, at the lower end of the salary range expect a person with strong non-profit background.  Colleen noted that we will inquire of all candidates about their track record and fundraising experience.  The expectation is the ED will propel GMNC’s fundraising forward.


The Board made some revisions to the job offer/description, including expected salary range and bonus potential.  Discussed need for ED to be present during high-season and no vacations taken during that time.  Offer family membership in GMNC free.  Insurance, job expenses, mileage discussed and given over to hiring committee’s recommendations.  The amended job parameters were moved by Dan, seconded by Joe and approved unanimously.


The Board discussed how to get the announcement out.  These minutes do not reflect all comments – the following is the plan that all agreed to in the end.  Dan will post the announcement on the website job board immediately after Tom announcing to membership in Mailchimp (which will include a link to the website job board, photos, end of season wrap-up, thank-yous, and request for donation of storage of GMNC equipment for the summer).  The membership announcement Joe drafted was amended and approved.  Tom expects to have the Mailchimp ready by Friday.


Dan will then promote on Facebook and Instagram.  Cam has a working list of Nordic coaches, teams, programs, and schools to email the announcement to.  Cam will get the emails out, including to Cross Country Centers of America classified and other Nordic organizations.  Using Indeed was discussed, which Larry will do after the first email and we begin to see interest level.  The goal is to hire by July and start in July.


The hiring committee composition was determined, to include Winslow, Joe, Lynea, Dan, potentially two others not on the board.  Process of hiring was gone over in detail, including initial response to all applicants thanking for applying, interview schedule, eventual background checks.  Discretion given to hiring committee to bring top candidates to Board with recommendations and have the Board weigh in, with committee to then make the final decision.  Tom requested these recommendations be given well in advance of next board meeting so there’s adequate time to consider.  The board will adjust timing/location of next board meeting so that it can meet in-person for this important task.


8.  Future Board meetings discussed at length:  Everyone desires to have in-person meetings versus Zoom.  Went over location considerations (Delta versus Grand Junction), difficulty of week-night meetings with a long drive versus weekend issues for parent/board members.  Winter meetings harder to make in person with weather uncertainties.  Decided to shoot for 2 to 3 in-person meetings per year and the rest Zoom.  In person meetings should be rotated equally between Delta and Grand Junction.  Some interest in meeting earlier or at a board member’s home if that helps facilitate in-person.  For next June 9 meeting, the board will check-in about where/when based on ED hiring process and need for Board input.


9. Election of Officers – Larry and Cam will continue.  Winslow will be on operations committee but not on Board.  Tom Lambert committed to volunteer on operations committee.  The Board then discussed moving President role to more of a chairman.  Lynea and Dan agreed to take this on as a shared position.  Lynea expressed that after watching Joe’s work, and based on her experience with other organizations, she believes the position requires such a broad skillbase and time commitment that she could not do it solo.  She and Dan would be complimentary in this respect.  Large and important task of helping make ED successful in a short time is another reason.  She could not be President but would be excited to be co-Chair.  Dan is excited about the opportunity to be co-chairs with Lynea, because she thinks differently and is complimentary.  She has a stronger organizational and financial background.  Dan expressed that it would be great to work together and support the ED for the future.


The Board was very thankful of Joe Ramey’s work as President.  Joe offered to remain significantly involved in the process of successful integration and training of the ED, as well as to advise Lynea and Dan.  Dan made a special thanks to Winslow and Joe.  Joe for being Board President during turbulent times leading to such a successful season.  Winslow for stepping up for over 30 years on operations – doing the vital funding and running of the ski trails.


Tom moved to elect Lynea and Dan as co-chairs, Larry as treasurer, Cam as secretary and for Joe, Tom, Caryl, and Colleen to remain as Board members.  Joe seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.


The concept of co-Chair versus President was discussed by the Board.  The Board determined the Bylaws will need to be reviewed, potentially amended with regard to the governing structure position descriptions (including ED).  Joe will connect with the volunteer attorney who helped revise the Bylaws in 2020.  The Board will take this up at the next meeting after getting this input.


9.  Board restructuring into committees:  A discussion started and deferred to future meetings.  The Board desires to move to a committee structure, to increase the number of working volunteers and spread the work of the GMNC out into the community.  Also, the goal is to make the Board meetings more efficient with a committee liaison coming to the meeting to report and get feedback.  This would allow the Board members on the committees to focus on their main areas of interest.  We have a proposed list of committees to review at the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.