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Grand Mesa Nordic Council

Board Meeting

March 24, 2024



Board Members Present: Dan Tille, John Traylor, Christine Noel, Marguerite Tuthill, Tom Ela, Susie Attaway, and Larry Gruel

Board Members Absent: Ben Graves

Staff: Christie Aschwanden, Melissa Newell, Chantell Wofford Hansen, and Tigran Bailey

Guests: Dave Mark


Dan called the meeting to order at 6:04pm and read the GMNC mission.


  1. Guests. There were no guests attending to provide public comment.


  1. Building Presentation. Dave Mark attended the Board meeting to discuss his proposal to assist with the building of the Skyway Building. He shared his experience in both construction and nordic skiing. Dave believes there are potentials for cost savings in the proposed budget for the building. He walked the Board through his proposals for adjusting the building design and construction plan to produce those savings. Board asked Dave questions about his proposed work plan. 


  1. Minutes. Tom motioned to accept the February minutes with the correction to a guest’s last name spelling. Christine seconded; motion passed unanimously.


  1. Financial Report. Christine provided her financial report, a written copy was included in the Board packet.

February 2024 Financials – As of the end of February we haven’t received the $35,000 grant from Mesa County. With this amount, both February and year-to-date are in the black. Contributions are up in every category over February of last year. Insurance costs continue to be high and an area of focus for Dan. 


Investments Updates – Christine provided the following details on investments.

  • US Treasury
    • 26-week T-Bill $75,000, auction 3/4, issued 3/7: 
    • 5.313%
    • Discount: 97.419139
    • Current value: $73,064.35
    • 52-week T-Bill $75,000, auction 3/19, will issue 3/21
  • Edward Jones
    • 4 current CDs with a total value of $565,383.05
    • Rates vary between 5.1% and 5.4% 
  • Alpine Bank CD
    • 3/5: CD matured, added $50,000 + 889.29 of interest earned; 4.9%
    • Current value: $258,324,22

Christine will have the 1st Quarter Investment Report at the next Board meeting. 


Banking Updates – The Bank of Colorado account has been opened, providing ability for deposits to be made in Cedaredge.


Other Updates – In lieu of a financial literacy lesson this month, Christine reviewed GMNC’s recently filed 990.


The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on Friday, April 12 at 3:30pm via Zoom. 


  1. Community Outreach Director Update. Melissa reviewed highlights of her written report included in the Board packet. She provided an events update, highlighting the wrap up of the season’s series and races. There are a few outreach tables and end of season parties to look forward to. Melissa is planning on a closing day party given the strong reception last year. Melissa reported 1,150 volunteer hours and thanked the volunteers for their wonderful help and dedication. 


  1. Operations Update. Tigran shared a brief update on operations. He reported grooming is going well and snowmobiles are back in order.


  1. Executive Director Update. Christie provided highlights from her written report included in the Board packet. GMNC had a strong February with $17,936.60 in individual contributions compared to $9,749.76 last year and trail box donations were up 14% over last year. With less than two months of the operating season left, GMNC is only at 73% of our budgeted expenses for grooming and operations. The skiing is great right now! The user survey has gone out and will remain open into April. Christie outlined her priorities for next month including overseeing on-snow operations and planning for the end of the season, working on the capital campaign materials, continuing outreach with donors, and messaging the Enterprise Tax Zone to GMNC members.


  1. Dave Mark Proposal Discussion. Dan opened the discussion around moving forward with Dave’s proposal regarding construction and redesign to the building at Skyway. Board discussed the potential benefits and risks of moving forward with this proposal and hiring Dave for this work. Marguerite motioned to move forward with contract negotiations with the final contract coming back to the Board for final approval, Susie seconded, and motion passed unanimously.


Board adjourned into Executive Session. The Board will next meet on April 17th via Zoom. 

Respectfully submitted,

Marguerite Tuthill

Board Secretary