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Board: Dan Tille, Joe Ramey, John Traylor, Christine Noel, Larry Gruel, Marguerite Tuthill

Board Members Absent: Tom Ela, Susie Attaway

GMNC Staff: Christie Aschwanden, Melissa Newell, Beth Klein Guests: None

Dan called the meeting to order and read the GMNC mission at 6:02pm.

I.  Guest Comments. No guest comments.

II. February Meeting Minutes. Christine motioned to approve the February minutes, John seconded, all approved.

III. Financials Report. Christine provided the monthly financials report:

    • GMNC is lagging some compared with a year ago, primarily due to loss of expected governmental grant funding, and some increased expenses.
    • Individual contributions are well up, in large part due to Melissa’s efforts and her presence up on the Mesa as well as on social media.
    • For insurance:
      • GMNC is taking on a $1 million umbrella policy that will pick up where any other policies leave off.
      • The cost for this coverage is $746 per year. o For cyber coverage, we are doing some more research on its coverage before reconsidering it.
      • For building coverage, we don’t yet have all the information needed, but we have time. This policy would need to be in place before “going vertical.”

Christie, Christine, and John are starting to look at next year’s budget. Aiming for a draft budget to be with the Finance Committee by May, reviewed by the Board in May, and approved in June.

IV. Executive Director Report. – Christie provided her written report, which was included in the Board packet.

New Trails – Christie shared this is a priority for the final months of this season. She will be working on mapping out new trails so additional work can be done on these new trails this summer. Joe shared the operations’ teams ideas on how to create some linking trails to provide shorter loop options. Joe will share those ideas in detail directly to Christie. Dan asked about when these new trails would be open to the public. Christie shared there was potential to open these trails next season, but it depends on a variety of factors. Christie also shared that grooming ease will also be part of the criteria considered for new trails. Christie solicited volunteers to help with this work.

Snowmobile Incursions – We are seeing an increase in snowmobile incursions into certain trial areas. Dan reviewed how difficult it is for the USFS to enforce snowmobile rules in the Nordic trail areas. USFS and GMNC discussed adding additional signage to the edges of the Nordic pods to assist with educating all users on the different use area boundaries.

Parking Lot Toilets – Christie shared some work has been done on the parking lot toilet facilities. Port-a-potties have been removed but permanent toilets are functional.

Purchasing Policy – Christie explained there has been discussion around selling the extra snowmobile for a while now. She recommends developing a policy around selling old items like snowmobiles. Christie and Dan agreed the Finance Committee would be a

great forum for drafting the policy. On the snowmobile specifically, Christie recommends GMNC move forward with selling that item now.

Fundraising Updates – Christie shared the Boettcher Foundation’s decline of our grant application. They had 92 applicants and only went forward with 11. Christie has a meeting with a Foundation representative to learn the reasons for the decline and whether GMNC will be a good fit for future opportunities. Christie is also working on a

Gates Family Foundation grant for $50,000 and reports GMNC should hear by June on whether the grant application will be funded. Christie will continue seeking out ways to cover long-term operating costs for the building and a way to expand the free ski clinic.

Swag – GMNC now has headbands and socks that will be for sale starting this weekend.

Melissa’s Update – Melissa provided an overview of the various events held during February. She continued to grow the volunteer program but didn’t bring on any new trail ambassadors in February. Currently have about 30 Ambassadors.

Full Moon Skis was well attended. The Kids Pop Up with Nature Connection has led to multiple emails from parents asking how they can continue to get their kids into Nordic. Melissa reviewed the upcoming events including the sunrise ski in April and the end of season parties. John asked about whether GMNC will be doing an end-of-season member survey. Melissa is working on the survey. Goal is to distribute the survey in April.

V. Operations Report. Joe provided his written report, which was included in the Board packet. Joe shared grooming began on October 20th this season and it’s been a big year from a grooming standpoint. He reviewed the incoming weather and high potential for a lot of snow in the coming days. Joe reminded the Board of the snow measurements taken between Board meetings. The GMNC trails have received 88” of snow since the February meeting. Joe reported the donation box total is over $11,118 for the season.

Joe shared that a groomer accidentally ran over a picnic table. He bought a new picnic table with his own money for $1,459.64. The new picnic table has already been delivered to him and it is ready to go out on the trail. The Board discussed how to proceed, and lessons learned from the situation. Board voted to reimburse the groomer for the table and Christie will continue to work with the groomers to improve approaches to digging out the tables to avoid this situation in the future. Dan recommended the blue fiberglass poles be connected to all the tables to mark them, but the tables will still need to be dug out on a regular basis.

VI. Building Update. Dan shared there is no update at this time. GMNC is waiting on a revised estimate that should arrive soon. Board discussed messaging around potential changes to the construction timeline.

VII.Extending the Season. Christie shared she will be submitting the paperwork to the USFS to extend the season until April 30, 2023. Board agreed this is a good plan. Christie shared the number of grooms during this extended period will likely be limited.

The next Finance Committee meeting is on April 6th at 3pm via Zoom. The next Board meeting is in-person at the Delta Community Center on April 11th at 6pm.

Melissa provided an overview on the end-of-season parties:

  • Grand Valley: April 2nd, 2-4p at Peach Street Distillers
  • Austin: April 16th, 2-4p at Yarrow Taproom

Board then moved into Executive Session at 7:02pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marguerite Tuthill