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GMNC Board meeting minutes July 5, 2022, 6:03 – 7:42 PM

Our Mission Statement: “Grand Mesa Nordic Council is a community-supported, nonprofit organization of people who love to cross-country ski on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado. We are dedicated to promoting fun, safe, cross-country skiing experiences for skiers of all ages and abilities.”

Attending: Board members: Lynea Schultz-Ela, Dan Tille, Tom Ela, Susie Attaway, John Traylor, Joe Ramey, Denise Massart. Absent: Larry Gruel. Key employee attending: Christie Aschwanden


  1. Previous board meeting minutes – Tom Ela moves to accept the May 10th Dan Tille seconds. Motion passes.


  1. Budget Approval – Christie Aschwanden reviewed income estimations (approx. 80%) for Government Grants (local counties) and Individual Memberships, only a small, estimated increase. Budget has an 11% revenue increase with 23K net income. Grant and fundraising strategies and long-term financial planning are needed. Grants are needed to fund the website, trail maintenance, ski clinics and a truck.


Christie Aschwanden is working on professionalizing the grooming positions and working on finalizing grooming job descriptions. Discussion on strategy behind grooming salary & hourly positions. Christie Aschwanden will split groomer payroll to define hourly vs salary in budget and will get it changed within accounting software. Christie Aschwanden to keep an eye on groomer payroll throughout the year. There may be possible additional tasks for grooming positions in low snow years, or other maintenance possibilities. Christie Aschwanden is creating a performance management system to implement for staff and instructors and is creating job descriptions for all positions.


Proposed Executive Director Assistant duties would include event planning, ambassador program and membership, and would leave the Executive Director more time for grant writing, business sponsorship programs, donor cultivation, membership drives, USFS work, etc. John Traylor and Christie Aschwanden will look at fuel contracts where GMNC could get an approx. 2% rebate on fuel purchases. Lessons program coordinator is in proposed budget. Instructor pay is dependent on lesson revenue.


Tom Ela moves that we accept the budget as shown with the groomer payroll adjustment account. Lynea Schultz-Ela seconds Tom’s motion with the addition of a mid-January review and formal budget modification. Motion passes.  


  1. Building Discussion/presentation – Dan Tille says we have a signed funding agreement from a donor for up to 800K, which include specific dates for 200K allocations, with the complete donation to be received by Jan. 1, 2023. Attorney, and former GMNC board president, Annie Murphy drafted the funding agreement. GMNC has already received 200K into our newly established business account. Buckhorn Engineering has done initial surveys and soils testing on site. We received guidelines for what the building would be able to look like, what defensible space would like, and that there can’t be any reflective surfaces (solar panels ok).


The process includes going through a series of review phases. We need about 45 days for approval processes with Mesa County and the Forest Service. First the Forest Service needs our Master Development Plan before final approval, which can’t be completed before the design is approved. The MDP will be a 10 year plan for GMNC. Christie Aschwanden plans on getting the MDP ready by the end of July. We are providing architects an inventory for all storage equipment to assist with lower-level footprint. We are expecting survey results from Buckhorn Engineering.


The estimated rough cost is looking like $250 – $300/sq ft, for a non-plumbing electrified building figuring in the location and construction costs. Electrifying the building would require heating with propane and using a block heater for the snowcat. Propane would be kept at a baseline heat and a wood stove to bring heat up to comfort.


Chamberlain Architects believes this could be a 6-month process if it can be completed in one year. The ideal option is getting the foundation in this year and then it would take 4ish months to construct next year. Goal is for module construction as much as possible for expense saving. Buckhorn Engineering is doing the foundation design and Asset Engineering is providing preconstruction services.


Per the funding agreement, GMNC must return funds back to the donor, within 60 days, if project comes in under budget.


GMNC needs to start a capital campaign to electrify this building. Amount would be approximately 50K based on the additional costs for electrifying, solar costs, furnishing building and maintenance budget. We need to research sustainable energy grants. Susie Attaway, John Traylor, Dan Tille and Christie Aschwanden volunteered to sit on a Capital Campaign committee. GMNC will announce and communication on project around September or October.


  1. Events – Christie Aschwanden discussed an October Cedaredge season opener. Potential for a Grand Junction opener event and waxing clinic. Kids Pasta Project will happen in the North Fork in the fall. Kannah Creek event in Grand Junction to be scheduled the first week of November. Events calendar to be provided to all board.


  1. Next meeting – 5:30 pm, Aug. 9th, at Bill Heddles Rec Center indoor room.


Lynea Schultz-Ela moves to adjourn this meeting at 7:42 p.m. Dan Tille seconds. Motion passes.


Board goes into Executive Session.