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GMNC In person Board Meeting July 14th 2021



Meeting called to order 6 PM at Daveto’s Restaurant, Delta, CO

Attendees: Dan Tille, Tom Ela, Joe Ramey, Larry Gruel, Colleen McAlister, Lynea Schultz-ela and new Executive Director Christie Aschwanden. Cameron Tyler, Board Secretary, was unable to attend, thus these minutes were taken by several substitutes.


Dan read the mission  statement.


Christie Aschwanden, Executive Director introduction: Delighted to be here. She’s been off the board for 5 years. And is now back as ED and excited to be a part of it. Excited about our changes. Priorities: Wants to get business sponsorships for the maps—-but wants a plan first to develop those business relationships. Working with Tom Ela, on maps. They will develop a business partnership plan that is strategic rather than piecemeal. Maps need to be turned in for publication in November. Other high priority bringing together the volunteers and a plan of action quickly in order to do late summer and fall trail work.  Consider using Sign Up Genius.


Action: Dan Tille to look into this for Christie Aschwandenso she can follow up as to possibility.

Pre-meeting is being planned before the Forest Service meeting.

Action: Dan Tille to send Christie Aschwanden the Google Drive.

Begin to build out social media interactions with membership

Action: Dan Tille and Christie Aschwanden will go through social media training, and then she will talk with Martin W. about it as well.

Begin relationship with Executive Director in Crested Butte

Action: Dan Tille to bring Christie Aschwanden and Christie Hicks together.


June Minutes–and reviewing process and publication of minute taking

Minutes from the June meeting—we need to adjust names to reflect first and last names through out document. Clarify the statement regarding maintaining hiking trails—we maintain ski trails….several small changes that are problematic in the writing of minutes.

Question: How can we make minutes more succinct and publishable, reduce workload for Secretary, and have one set of minutes, with executive session as separate—idea is to start next month as a google doc and let the board correct errors. Format the minutes by subject; the problem; a short discussion synopsis; and resolution .

Action: Dan Tille will talk to Cam Tyler. Start with June minutes.

Action: Cam Tyler to get April and May minutes to Dan for posting.

Action: Cam Tyler to put June minutes on google drive, send to BOD for corrections



Board voted to have Annie Murphy review our final, updated changes in by-laws. The group read through all the changes. By-Law changes will be voted on in August.

Action: Joe Ramey will work with Annie on this and copy Cameron. Cameron Tyler and Annie Murphy will get connected in this process to exchange any Q and A.


Sections with changes:

4.14 (presumption of assent)


4.15 (advisory board)

4.16 (p.3) Rules for electronic forum voting. Everyone must be given enough notice, there has to be a deadline posted and time for discussion and time for board to talk amongst themselves before voting. The President or someone chosen ahead of time is in charge of overseeing the process.

5.5 Executive director duties and responsibilities

New changes board discussed (for review by Annie Murphy):

5.6 President — add wording to specify that there may be a co-chair instead of a president

4.5 Annual meeting — add new language to allow board to schedule annual meeting at any time at the end of the season (not only May)


June Financials—no comparison to actual budget because we don’t have a budget approved as yet. Dashboard and all financials are uploaded on google drive.

ACTION: Larry  Gruel to write up the year end financial report for the website.



Take the stumpage fee out of budget–we have not been charged in the past, and the wood we are removing is not saleable wood.

Look into using Cam Tyler’s backhoe rather than renting.

Action: Someone ??? will find out cost of getting backhoe to GM for the work, and returning it, and paying costs for wear and tear.

Important to squish the items in the budget together to give the ops director a number and within that number they can make decisions adherent to policy and intent..

Can we reduce fuel costs by negotiating with fuel company to pre pay

Action: Christie Aschwanden and Larry Gruel to look into getting this done.

Can we reduce the discretionary budget to be used for snow fence or to be used for other trail maintenance issues? Yes.

Action: We will ask Winslow Robertson (Ops Committee) to reduce overall distance and come back with a proposal for minimal fencing this year with potential to expand in coming years. It is highly effective and we do, as a board, want to pursue.

Look at other log/stump removal for trails before summit—Lions, Overlook on county line, (all county line trails so they are in tip top shape in case we can’t open skyway due to logging)

Action: This review will be part of summer volunteer crew review of trails and signage repair and installation.


ACTION: Lynea Schultz-Ela to put all the budget info together and revise and send to Larry


Committee assignments:

—No Ops Lead. Committee Members Winslow Robertson and Tom Lambert

—No Kids program position (Christie Aschwanden to talk with Annie Murphy and Christina, TNC, and the REC GJ to understand how to collaborate together with the GMNC Board) Lynea to organize and assist meetings.


Forest Service—Joe Ramey, Cam Tyler,  Christie Aschwanden (point person for FS)

Membership—Colleen McAllister (lead), Tom Ela, Joe Ramey, and hopefully Kevin O’brien

Races—Dan Tille and Tom Ela and Christie Aschwanden

Lesson—Dan Tille and Christie Aschwanden

Youth—Dan Tille, Christie Aschwanden, Lynea Schultz-Ela, and Caryl Brown

Marketing/Sponsorship including:

mail chimp, social media, sponsorship—Tom, Dan Christie (Joe and Dave will still do posting, Christie believes more posting is more exposure)



Action: Dan Tille, Tom Ela, and Christie Aschwanden to get together next week to set race, map, and sponsorship strategy.


Map—Tom Ela the lead. Tim Carter offered to get map ads. Christie Aschwanden will organize how she wants to organize business sponsorship.


Discussion devolved into lots of mini topics. Most Important–Vision Quest successfully scheduled for Sept 28 at the Ela Family Cabin on Grand Mesa. Start time 9 AM. Details to follow–but we hope people will stay over and enjoy the cabin, and Island Lake on the 29th.