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Grand Mesa Nordic Council

Board Meeting

January 10, 2024

Bill Heddles Rec Center, Delta


Board Members Present: Dan Tille, Tom Ela, Marguerite Tuthill, Susie Attaway, Christine Noel, & John Traylor 

Board Members Present via Phone: Ben Graves

Board Members Absent: Larry Gruel

GMNC Staff: Christie Aschwanden, Melissa Newell & Tigran Bailey

Dan Tille called the meeting to order at 6:03pm and read the GMNC mission.

  • 30 Minute Public Comment Period. There were no guests.

  • November and December Meeting Minutes. Tom moved to accept November as submitted, John seconded, motion passed unanimously. Tom moved to accept December with the addition of the vote that occurred during the December Executive Session to approve Ben Graves as GMNC Board member. John seconded, motion passed unanimously. The Board discussed the importance of ensuring continued transparency around discussions and decisions made during Executive Session. 


  • Treasurer’s Report. Christine provided the Treasurer’s Report. A written copy was included in the Board packet. She shared that all contributions, memberships, and grants are greater for December 2023 than for December 2022, with the exception of CERF donations. The new sustaining memberships are already having a positive impact on the GMNC financial statements. To date there are 27 sustaining memberships providing a total of $1,060.20 per month. John thanked the GMNC staff for the work done in December to solicit memberships during a low snow month.

4th Quarter Investment Report. Christine provided the 4th Quarter Investment Report. There is currently $360,000 in operating cash and investments and $860,000 in building cash and investments. All investments are in low-risk categories of T-Notes, T-Bills, and CDs in diversified accounts. GMNC has a number of investments maturing mid-February to early March and the Financial Committee plans to reinvest all with the goal of maximizing interest rates.

Financial Literacy Lesson. Christine covered the Cash vs. Accrual Basis of accounting and the Budgeting Process during this month’s Financial Literacy Lesson.

  • Operations Update. Tigran provided his Operations update. The operations log was included in the Board packet. Tigran shared the ops team is continuing to work well together. Grooming Ward continues to be tricky to groom but the team is learning how to preempt the difficulties and ensure high quality grooming on those trails.

The oldest snowmobile is having mechanical issues and has been sidelined. Tiegran discussed his plans for covering the grooming needs with the other three snowmobiles and feels these snowmobiles are still sufficient to meet GMNC’s needs this season. He does recommend replacing one snowmobile for next season so there are three “workhorses” ready. John recommended GMNC develop a policy of trading in snowmobiles every other year to ensure adequate functioning snowmobiles each year and to benefit from a higher trade-in value. Christie and Tiegran will start working on bids and grant options for a new snowmobile for the 24-25 Season. John reminded the Board of the need for the proceeds of the old snowmobile sale to go back into CERF.

Tigran also mentioned radios would be ideal for increasing communication between the grooming team when they are working the separate trail areas. The Garmin InReachs are functional but additional communication methods would be beneficial.

Dan shared that GMNC has received multiple compliments from skiers on the high quality of the grooming.

Community Outreach Director Update.

Melissa shared her community outreach update. Her report was included in the Board packet. She highlighted the following events and activity:

Family Fun Day. Reservations have been helpful for increased communication with parents and guardians.

Membership tables. The focus on outreach and educating skiers on GMNC and the trails has seen some positive impact. The tables are also good to help put a face to the name on emails/social media posts.

Women’s MeetUp. Melissa created a Google Sheet for women to request access to and share info if interested in carpooling up to the trails. This has been well received.

Melissa reviewed upcoming events including the Friluftsliv. She asked for help from the Board members to assist with spreading the word about the event. John has signed up and is already raising funds.  

Volunteer Management. Melissa reported there have been 760 hours donated by volunteers and trail ambassadors from May 1st to now. 

Executive Director’s Report.

Christie provided highlights from her Executive Director’s Report that was included in the Board packet.

Mesa County Trail Crew. Tigran had a great time working with the three team members that came up. Their assistance helped get the grooming team through the low snow times.

Warming Hut Firewood. Marty Ullrich has offered to donate some firewood and it will be delivered soon.  Don is the volunteer who mans the hut and keeps it going. Don will cut up the larger pieces that will be dropped off.

Fundraising. CPW Grant Presentation is in Denver next week. Ross Mittelman from MCPH is also going. If GMNC receives the grant, the MCPH trail crew could be a great partner in the trail building. GMNC received a $1,000 grant from the Delta WalMart. Christie’s Snow Angel calls have been going really well. Enterprise Zone paperwork is going through the process and should be wrapped up soon. CPW is the only outstanding grant application at this time.

Ski School. One free ski clinic was postponed and rescheduled for Feb 3rd. The last free clinic registration was filled within 12 hours and who signed up showed up for the clinic.

Master’s Group. This group will be starting soon. The goal is to continue building it into a community of established skiers looking to continue improving their skill level.

  • Revised Budget. Christine reviewed the proposed modifications to the 2023-2024 season budget. Tom motioned to approve the $10,400 increase to the budget, John seconded, and motion passed unanimously.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on Friday, February 16 at 3:30pm via Zoom. The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, February 21 at 6pm via Zoom.

The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 7:44pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marguerite Tuthill