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Grand Mesa Nordic Council

Board Meeting

April 17, 2024


Board Members Present: Dan Tille, John Traylor, Christine Noel, Marguerite Tuthill, Tom Ela, Susie Attaway, and Ben Graves

Board Members Absent: Larry Gruel

Staff: Christie Aschwanden, Melissa Newell, and Chantell Wofford Hansen

Guests: John Rankin

Dan called the meeting to order at 6:04pm and read the GMNC mission.

  1. Guests. Dan opened the meeting up to public comment from guests. John Rankin stated he was here to listen and didn’t have any comments to share at this time. 

  1. Minutes. Christine motioned to accept the March minutes. John seconded; motion passed unanimously.

  1. Financial Report. Christine provided her financial report, a written copy was included in the Board packet.

March 2024 Financials – Christine shared that some line items are in a period of adjustment (e.g., payroll withholdings) and will get straightened out by fiscal year-end. The Mesa County grant of $35,000 was received in early April. Adjusting for this amount, both March and year-to-date are in the black. GMNC is in a strong financial position coming into year-end. Membership continues to outperform and both individual numbers and donations did well. Christine reported trail presence and social media efforts are really paying off and thanked Melissa and Christie for their efforts.

Skyway Station Staff Time – Christine reviewed how both Melissa and Christie have been contributing significant time toward the Skyway Station project. The Alpine Bank capital account’s interest earnings to date are $16,344.18. Melissa’s project hours multiplied by her hourly rate is $1,674 and Christie’s project weeks multiplied by her weekly salary is $5,562.04. As a result, the Finance Committee is recommending transferring $7,236.04 to Operating and reducing those respective earning line items. Tom moved to transfer $7,236.04 of interest earnings from the Alpine Bank capital account to Operating to cover the cost of Melissa & Christie’s time spent on the building. John seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

Alpine Bank Account – The Finance Committee recommends closing the Alpine Bank general checking account and transferring its balance to the ANB operating account. The new Bank of Colorado account is taking the place of this Alpine Bank account for an operations standpoint. John motioned to close the Alpine Bank general checking account and transfer its balance to the ANB operating account. Tom seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

Investments Updates – Christine thanked John for compiling the Q1 2024 Investment Report included in the Board packet. All investments are doing well in low-risk accounts and earning good rates of interest. The Finance Committee is working with Edward Jones regarding renewing the 12-month CDs in April and May 2024.

Insurance Updates – GMNC received an insurance credit, presumably for an adjustment to workers’ compensation insurance. The stolen snowmobile was unintentionally uninsured. As a result, there will be no insurance payout to cover the cost of replacing the snowmobile. The Finance Committee recommends insurance matters be turned over to paid staff instead of being handled by volunteer Board members. Marguerite motioned to approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation; Tom seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Board also discussed some recommended process adjustments to ensure complete coverage going forward.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16 at 3:30 pm via Zoom. 

  1. Strategic Plan Revision. Dan reviewed the strategic plan revision submitted by Illene Roggensack and included in the Board packet. Revisions are meant to make the document more public facing. Ben recommending adding some visuals to the document before it is reposted publicly.

  1. GMNC Organizational Audit. Dan reviewed the proposal for Strategic By Nature’s organizational audit services submitted by Illene Roggensack and included in the Board packet. GMNC desires assistance with reviewing, assigning, and ensuring fidelity of the various tasks requiring ongoing, periodic, or immediate attention as part of the organization’s program delivery and general operations. Illene’s work will provide tools to inventory the operations of GMNC and then work with the GMNC Executive Committee and Executive Director in designing and facilitating a process to address any identified gaps.

  1. Building Fundraising Campaign Proposal. Dan reviewed the proposal for Strategic by Nature’s services for the Building Our Future campaign submitted by Illene Roggensack and included in the Board packet.

  1. Community Outreach Director Update. Melissa reviewed highlights of her written report included in the Board packet. Melissa highlighted the end of season parties and final events at the trailheads.  The Closing Day Ski & Costume Party will be on Sunday, April 28th from 10a-12p. The Co2Ut Gravel Race Aid Station volunteer slots have all been filled. The Trail Ambassador program has been receiving great feedback. The survey has been released and Melissa will continue soliciting responses. Board congratulated Melissa on a successful season.

  1. Executive Director Update. Christie provided highlights from her written report included in the Board packet. She highlighted Operations is focused on planning for the end of the season and adjusting grooming accordingly. She has identified summer season storage options for the snowmobiles. The replacement snowmobile has been ordered. Christie shared most of her time lately has been focused on the Skyway Station capital campaign. Christie received a letter from Mesa County regarding decreasing the on-going funding amount and recommends scheduling another in-person meeting to receive more details and better understand the shift.

  1. Guest Questions. John asked for detail on the interest APY for the savings accounts.

Board adjourned into Executive Session. The Board will meet next on May 22nd at Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta. 

Respectfully submitted,

Marguerite Tuthill

Board Secretary