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A campaign to build our community’s first permanent shelter.

The Skyway Station

The Grand Mesa Nordic Council is excited to introduce Skyway Station, our trail system’s first permanent building. Nestled in the trees just north of the parking lot at the Skyway trailhead on Grand Mesa, this rustic, charming shelter will protect and store our grooming equipment and give our community a space to gather and belong.

The GMNC was established by a small group of skiing enthusiasts in 1990, and although we’ve grown beyond our original makeshift ways of operating, we remain fully dedicated to our foundational grassroots community values. We’ve come a long way — stepping up our grooming operations and upgrading our equipment since our humble beginnings. Funding for our operations comes from you — our skiing community — and this model has served us well.

Help us build our Future!

Skyway Station will allow us to sustain our organization into the future by protecting and supporting our two most valuable assets — our grooming equipment and our community.​

Skyway station is part of the GMNC’s long-term vision to preserve and sustain what we love about skiing on the Grand Mesa.

We’ve already raised more than 70 percent of the money needed to complete the project and are now launching a capital campaign to get us over the finish line. With your help, we aim to begin construction in summer of 2025 with completion in December of 2026.

Goals of the Skyway Station

Sled Shed

Our snowcat, snowmobiles and other grooming equipment are our biggest assets, and we need a better way to protect them from the elements, keep them secure, conduct maintenance in a sheltered environment and operate them in adverse temperatures.
The station’s lower level (sunken into the hillside, out of sight) will provide permanent, secure storage for snowmobiles, grooming implements and other equipment as well as a seasonal shelter for the snowcat.
Importantly, the station will be electrified with a solar energy system that allows us to warm the snowcat battery and engine to facilitate starting the machine during frigid grooming hours. It’s hard for the snowcat to start on very cold mornings, which are common at 10,000 feet. Having a power system and protection from the elements will extend the life of our snowcat and reduce delayed starts due to cold.

Community Space

Our community forms the core of GMNC, and the ground-level floor of the Skyway Station will give our members a space to convene. The community space will provide safety and shelter from the weather and room for people to socialize, change clothes, refuel and get warm. The space will serve as a meeting point for programs such as lessons, kids programs, races and social events. The room will be heated with a wood stove, supplemented by a solar power system to maintain a minimum temperature inside and provide power for lighting and other small-scale electronics

Mission Focused

The Skyway Station fits into GMNC’s values and long-term goals.

The Skyway Station


  • Protected storage space for grooming equipment
  • Sheltered area for maintenance work
  • Solar electric to power equipment
  • Plug-in capability for the snowcat


  • A place to gather, get warm, eat, socialize and make friends
  • Safe space for educational programming
  • Staging area for races, lessons, events
  • Shelter from the elements, changing room, storage space


  • Passive solar design to reduce fuel usage
  • Solar power to harness local energy
  • Forest Service design standards to blend with the ecosystem
  • Right sizing to reduce impact

GMNC Values


We know that many of you come to our trails seeking solitude, quiet, nature and wilderness, and we are working to preserve access to these experiences.

How: Expanding our trail network to decrease the density of users on the trails and creating dedicated snowshoe trails to avoid conflicts between users. Planning events so that they leave plenty of space for users seeking solitude.

Grooming and maintaining our trail system is our core mission, and ensuring that we can continue our operations in a financially sustainable way is paramount to our success.

How: Skyway Station secures and protects our equipment to extend the lifespan of our machines. In concert with the Skyway Station campaign, we are increasing our fundraising efforts to ensure the long-term financial stability of GMNC.

The Grand Mesa Nordic Council is a community —  a place to feel at home and nurture a sense of belonging.

How: Skyway Station gives people refuge from the weather, a place to gather and socialize and somewhere to stage events that build community.

Join us in building GMNC’s future.


We are so close to meeting our goal!

We can’t do it without you. Make your donation or pledge today.

GMNC’s BUILDING OUR FUTURE campaign has been designated as an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project so donors to the campaign who give $250 or more are eligible to receive a 25% State Tax Credit.

Donors to this campaign include:

Alpine Bank
ANB Bank
Dave and Mary Wood Fund
El Pomar Foundation
Gates Family Foundation
Goodwin Foundation
Western Colorado Community Foundation