What a pleasant surprise it was this morning stepping into the Redster S9 skis for a grooming quality skate check and finding 1-1/2″+ or so of new snow on freshly groomed trails this morning. Fast and stable on the skating lanes, with classic lanes shadowed in with the new snow that was not forecasted, but welcomed by skiers. It was fast.

In addition to a complete system grooming last night, the Ward trail was also groomed early this morning.

The NWS is bringing us news about a short snowfall event tomorrow so we will get out and groom the system again tomorrow afternoon and also try and run a pass on Will’s Hill and the La Sal overlook. Please be careful on the La Sal overlook as it drops off very quickly at the end. We will also tackle the Summit trail again now that the surface has set up a little firmer and see if we can flatten it a bit with graders.

And don’t forget the 10K freestyle race on Sunday!