Tuesday’s persistent snowfall produced 3-4 inches of wet snow on top of Monday evening’s grooming. Breezy winds filled in the classic tracks on trails open to the southwest such as Scales Lake Road and Tower. Classic tracks elsewhere were skied in nicely and a lot of fun. At least one skater, Eric Jansen, was still enjoying the skate lanes. Fluro waxes were working really well.

This week into next will produce persistent snow on Wednesday through Wednesday night, then again Friday afternoon through Saturday evening. We will not plan to groom during those stormy periods.

Thursday through Friday morning will be a break in snowfall and thus the best ski days this week. So we will groom Thursday morning. Dave will snowcat groom early Thursday morning some or all trails at County Line and Skyway depending on wind conditions. Kellen will snowmobile groom Ward and Summit Trails.

Sunday looks like the next break in snowfall so we are initially planning for some grooming for Sunday skiing. Stay tuned for details. More snow is forecast into early next week too, which we all know is good for the West Slope. Enjoy!