Grand Mesa Nordic Council Minutes: Board Meeting, October 23, 2019  Grand Junction Central Library, Room E 

Meeting Commenced: 5:35 pm Board Members Present: President & Treasurer Terri Stright, Secretary Tina Wilson, Don Metzler Board Members Absent: None

Terri introduced the meeting agenda, which included an agenda item for the Board’s response to a group calling themselves “the Future of GMNC”.

Tina stated “Let’s skip to this item.” [Indicating the Future group]

Don stated “We’ve made a decision.” [Indicating himself and Tina]

There was some discussion of a recent letter from the Future group. The letter contained multiple criticisms of the GMNC board, and requested a meeting with the board in the presence of a professional facilitator. Both the Board and the Future group had recently been in contact with a facilitator who had agreed to facilitate a meeting and to coordinate with both parties on setting ground rules for the meeting.

Don stated: “I make a motion to ask Terri to resign”. No cause was cited. Vote: Tina and Don in favor, Terri opposed. The motion passed.

Terri declined to resign.

Tina stated: “I make a motion to terminate Terri from the board”. No cause was cited. Vote: Tina and Don in favor, Terri opposed. The motion passed.

Terri departed from the meeting.

Following Terri leaving the meeting, Tina and Don continued discussions. Don agreed to call the Forest Service and alert Dave Edwards, District Ranger, to the changes at the GMNC board.

Don agreed to call Rich McCreanor immediately following the board meeting and alert him to the changes at the GMNC board.

Tina agreed to email Callie and the Future of GMNC group the outcome of the meeting. She mentioned she would be out of town November 9th to the 16th.

Had general discussions on a second trailhead entrance at County Line.

Discussed the use of advisory committees for the GMNC interim board.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.


Addendum: Future of GMNC letter referenced above signed by 18 GMNC members including five previous Board Presidents.

Oct. 16, 2019

E-mail message to the GMNC Board of Directors:

Terri Stright, President & Treasurer Tina Wilson, Secretary Don Metzler, Board Member

We agree that an-in person meeting of a small group representing the Future of GMNC Group and Board of Directors is both advisable and necessary to move forward. Below are the action steps we suggest the GMNC Board of Directors implement to address the problems identified in the previous letter which we all signed. Problem: Lack of Transparency Action points: –Immediately open board meetings and/or designated time at each board meeting, as invitation for interested parties to attend and speak and share thoughts on the work of and services provided through GMNC. –Open the board’s annual meeting to interested parties and designate time for them to speak and share thoughts on the work of and services provided through GMNC. –Post on the website, in a timely manner, information about board meeting dates, times and locations. –Post on the website, in a timely manner, approved board meeting minutes. –Post on the website, in a timely manner, GMNC’s annual report including current financial reports and 990s.

Problem: Board of Directors Composition Action points: –Per GMNC Bylaws, and in compliance with Colorado state statutes for non profit organizations, immediately increase board membership to a minimum 4 directors. –Increase board to a minimum of 7 directors by early 2020 and amend Bylaws as below. –Amend Bylaws:

  •     To limit each board member to serve in no more than one Officer role at a given time.
  •     The number of directors will be not less than 7 nor more than 9-12 directors (maximum to be determined at time of amendment).
  •     The board will include directors representing the geographical reach of its membership, i.e. a minimum of one director each from Delta County and the Grand Valley area.
  •     The board will include a minimum of one director who has at least 4 years institutional knowledge or experience with GMNC.
  •     At its annual meeting the board will establish a succession plan for the executive committee.

Problem: Leadership Action points: –Elect a new President. We have potential President candidates. In the event of resignation of any current Officers, we have potential candidates for other Officer roles. –As allowed by GMNC Bylaws, and in recognition of the practical knowledge and expertise of past GMNC leadership, establish an Advisory Board with a priority focus on trails, grooming and operations, with one representative from this Advisory Board to provide input at each board meeting. We have candidates for this Advisory Board.  –Hire someone in the role of Membership Director or Executive Director to handle member communications, membership details and regular bookkeeping (depositing checks, keeping membership records, etc.) and regular communications with members (website, social media accounts, volunteer recruitment, etc.) Goal should be to have this position filled by the winter holiday season. We have potential candidates for this position. –Ensure, individually and collectively, positive written and oral communications by board members with GMNC members, community partners and organizations, government entities and other interested individuals and groups, fostering quality relationships and cooperation.

Problem: Disregard for GMNC’s Core Values Action points: –Restate GMNC’s Mission Statement to include its historical core values of inclusiveness and volunteerism. –Re-establish programs that serve the community and/or programs at risk of failing with a long term plan for sustaining:

  •     a youth or family program
  •     a citizens race series
  •     a collegiate invitational race in partnership with CMU Nordic
  •     adult programs
  •     a permanent warming hut



The Future of GMNC Group