SKYWAY, JAN 27, 2019

Photo:10K Winners (left to right): Trevor Willoughby, Nate Maddox, Anna Johnson, Rya Berrigan, Hannah Brown and Mitch Holman.

Bottom line from the collegiate race weekend on Grand Mesa: Mitch Hollman is amazing! Representing the US Air Force Academy, Mitch outgunned everybody in Saturday’s 1K Sprint Race and then came back Sunday to very handily win the Classic 10K. He knows how to establish a gap and humble the competition! The women’s side was much tighter. Rya Berrigan, skiing for Western Colorado University, eked out the 10K win by just 2 seconds over CMU’s Hannah Brown. They were followed not far behind by Anna Johnson from Western who was the previous day’s Sprint winner. All in all, it was a fun day of competition with battles going on throughout the standings as 5 collegiate teams and a great group of feisty citizens duked it out on the excellent Skyway course. The teams from Air force Academy, Western Colorado Univ., Univ. of Wyoming, Colorado College and host Colorado Mesa Univ. bring a wonderful energy to Grand Mesa! The weather was much warmer and calmer than it had been for this season’s early races. That plus hot tomato rice soup and big molasses cookies made it a fantastic day of racing.

As always, volunteers and sponsors made it all functional and rewarding. Everybody got to try Crunchsters, a new and very tasty sprouted mung bean snack, and had a chance at winning one of the great door prizes from REI, Ela Family Farms and Cimarron Coffee Roasters. Soup servers Bob Majors, Kristi Siman and Shannon Koch were kept hopping by the crowd while Kyle Stone and Ernie Langelier handled the timing duties. Thanks for your great help!

Crunchmasters and raffles 2019

Crunchsters and door prizes await race finishers







1Mitch Hollman0MUSAFA0:32:20
2Nate Maddox19MWSCU0:32:47
3Trevor Willoughby0MUWYO0:33:40
4Roan Hall20MCMU0:34:08
5Silas Goetz0MUWYO0:34:51
6Matt Williams0MUWYO0:35:15
7Derek Hill0MWSCU0:35:23
8Elliot Shaw0MWSCU0:35:51
9Tyler Haroldson0MWSCU0:35:59
10Cooper Roquet0MWSCU0:36:31
11Cal Lindberg20MCMU0:36:37
12Eivind Roed25MCMU0:36:44
13Gordon Gianniny0MWSCU0:36:53
14Benjamin Swift0MCC0:37:02
15Parker Cushing22MCMU0:37:03
16Duncan Koehn22MCMU0:37:17
17Nigel Sarrazin0MUSAFA0:37:18
18Josh Jones0MWSCU0:38:19
19Zane Kam18MUSAFA0:38:46
20Rya Berrigan0FWSCU0:40:01
21Hannah Brown18FCMU0:40:03
22Greg Randall57MCollbranCO0:40:13
23Antonio Marxuach53MPaoniaCO0:40:14
24Hunter Alquist21MUSAFA0:40:19
25Anna Johnson0FWSCU0:40:25
26Jordan Miner16FMesaCO0:40:31
27Gwynn Barrows31FGrand JunctionCO0:40:43
28Patrick Joosten0MUSAFA0:40:45
29Russel Bollig55MGlenwood SpringsCO0:41:00
30Bryan Overcast0MUWYO0:41:31
31Becki Bryant0FUSAFA0:42:08
32Rudy Bolona50MCarbondaleCO0:42:10
33Martin Wiesiolek53MGrand JunctionCO0:42:21
34Kat Gruner20FUWYO0:42:23
35Ben Romanjenko0MUWYO0:42:24
36Ella DeWolf0FUWYO0:42:25
37Sydney Wiswell0FUWYO0:43:10
38Dafne Izquierdo21FCMU0:44:28
39Megan Bamford0FWSCU0:44:45
40Lexie Abric0FWSCU0:44:47
41Kellie Arthur18FCMU0:45:05
42Ryan Cramer19MUSAFA0:45:20
43Zoe Noble18FUWYO0:45:43
44Ines Siepmann0FCC0:46:03
45Matt Deeths48MGrand JunctionCO0:46:04
46Maddy Tinker0FUWYO0:46:06
47Kadin Mangalik0MCC0:46:23
48Zack Thomas0MUSAFA0:46:31
49Morgan Robins0FUWYO0:46:32
50Annie Ahlquist0FUSAFA0:47:11
51Sloan Dworian18FUWYO0:47:33
52Lindsey Kastelle0FWSCU0:47:40
53Duncan Callahan36MGunnisonCO0:47:46
54Heidi Kloser26FCMU0:49:06
55Kailee Behunin18FUWYO0:49:58
56Helen Carlsen58FBasaltCO0:50:18
57Ken Pill57MGrand JunctionCO0:50:30
58Dan Schultz-Ela62MHotchkissCO0:50:43
59Dusty Dodson50MGrand JunctionCO0:50:44
60Derek Larsen18MUWYO0:50:53
61Patrick Hummel34MFruitaCO0:50:58
62Kevin Donoher39MGrand JunctionCO0:51:41
63Brad Burritt57MHotchkissCO0:52:08
64Caryl Brown54FMontroseCO0:53:05
65Steve Ela55MHotchkissCO0:54:33
66John Thrasher68MDeltaCO0:55:39
67Tim Carter83MGrand JunctionCO0:55:57
68Scott Vig44MFruitaCO0:56:06
69Chuck Bodie65MGrand JunctionCO0:57:45
70Tina Wilson62FGrand JunctionCO0:57:51
71Mark Spoon56MPalisadeCO0:57:52
72David Batten68MMontroseCO0:58:56
73Dave Knutson69MPaoniaCO0:59:12
74Dan Tille39MGrand JunctionCO1:02:58
75Kate Odom0FUSAFA1:03:04
76Sarah Packard0FCC1:05:17
77Laurel Sullivan0FCC1:05:17
78Tom Clark66MMontroseCO1:06:31
79David Maas44MFruitaCO1:09:08
80Rakesh DaSilva18MCC1:09:33
81Don Metzler64MPalisadeCO1:12:50
82Lori Stone55FFruitaCO1:13:11
83Diane Clark52FMontrose1:13:15
84Corey Hinman43FFruitaCO1:19:16
85Lily Patrick19FCMU1:19:57
86Chris Tobin0MCC1:35:21
87Bill Lintott75MGrand JunctionCO1:39:15
Donnie Tietsema33MFruitaCODNF