GMNC Special Meeting 28Oct19 6PM

Grand Junction central library, Room C

In attendance: Tina Wilson, Don Metzler, Joe Ramey, Tim Carter, Rich McCreanor, Callie West, Jodi Peterson, Albert Borkowski

Three documents shared at the start of the meeting: GMNC draft minutes from the 23 Oct meeting, Priorities for Season Start, Special Board meeting agenda

* All motions during the meeting were passed unanimously


  1. Meeting minutes for July, August, October motion to approve by Don and passed.
  2. Election of interim board members (through May 2020)
    1. Joe Ramey and Jodi Peterson were nominated as board members, passed
      • A board quorum was thus established
    2. Albert was discussed as an advisory board member
    3. Callie West was elected as interim Treasurer, nominated by Don, passed
    4. Joe Ramey nominated by Don for President, passed
    5. Don Metzler nominated by Jodi for Vice President, passed
    6. Tina Wilson nominated by Don for second Vice President, passed
    7. Jodi Peterson nominated by Don for Secretary, passed.
  3. Finances – by Callie West
    1. Letter to ANB Bank to inform them of board changes.
    2. Laura Johnson volunteering to handle donations
    3. Leslie Lewis and Co (North Fork Valley- Cedaredge) for bookkeeping; new PO Box in Cedaredge that may become more permanent address for GMNC business.
  4. Monthly board meetings will be held in Delta at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center from 6-8PM. Callie will reserve a room. Next two meetings- 20November, 11December.
  5. Treasurer notes – by Callie, we need to get organized with Rich’s employment (using Google Sheets), New hires: Eric Jansen for snowmobile grooming, and a new hire that need a comprehensive employment agreement. Rich, Callie, and Tina discussed new employment procedures.
  6. Keys – currently held by Jon, Terri. The keys for groomers have a container key, USFS gate key, fuel tank, Piston Bully key; snowmobile keys are kept near the machines, Terri has lock box keys; Bob Majors is point of contact for the warming hut.
  7. Newsletter needs to be revamped ASAP by early November, Jodi and Joe volunteered to write articles. Callie article about adult programs. Tina will continue to compile and get to printers. President letter content ideas: promises to members about transparency and inclusiveness and continued partnership, new board member introduction, winter weather outlook. Other items for the newsletter: board meetings dates/times/location, early season grooming promise.
  8. Website: Martin Weisiolek has offered to be webmaster. Expected homepage update this week with further updates within the next two weeks.
  9. CMU sprint race is already scheduled elsewhere but coach Dave Aschwanden is in positive communication with the GMNC for future events on our trails.
  10. Rich says we are ready to groom. The Ginzu has wiring issues but is not used often. He wants to improve the graders. Grooming process is pack with snowmobiles, roller, graders.
  11. Kid’s Pasta Project fundraiser will be held 11November, 6-7:30PM at Edesia Kitchen in Paonia. Dave Knutson will be MC. Joe Ramey will present a winter outlook.
  12. Tim Carter- Second entrance for dogs at County Line, USFS approved. West end of parking lot for dog skiers.  USFS/Bill is offering a special ranger to direct dog owners, cost share at $3750 (25% of $15,000 cost). Some discussion with Rich to ensure this plan will not impede grooming. (Don is the GMNC’s spokesperson with the USFS.) Motion by Don to move forward with second dog entrance by Don and Tim and Rich, passed.
  13. Don – Mesa County Grant, for the 2020 season for $20,000 may see approval.
  14. Rich – self-contained fuel cube (4’x4’x8’) will be located by the USFS kiosk at Skyway. It is currently at GJ Tractor Supply and nearly ready to be deployed.
  15. Rich’s ability to purchase up to $200 without Board approval will continue.
  16. Adjourned at 7:35PM, motion passed.