Minutes, GMNC Board Meeting
June 10, 2020, 6 PM – 9 PM

Attending: Joe Ramey, Lynea Schultz-Ela, Callie West, Dan Tille, Jodi Peterson
Guests: Jeff Miner
Guest Comments:

Review, line by line of 2019-2020 season financial Profits and Loss document:
• Important to get new board members up to speed
• Statement: shows previous year and this year, so we can see changes
• Advertising income: comes from ads on maps and website
• Contributions: come in online and in mail, categorized as Business Donations of $500 of more
• Govt. gifts and grants: are Delta County and Mesa County, Mesa gave us $5000 last year
• Trail boxes: donations-broken down for each trailhead. We had $119 more in trail donations this year than last, even though we quit grooming early
• Lynea: interesting that Ward donations down even though we groomed twice as much. We had a required donation sign up for a while but had to take it down.
• Joe: Not all people who donate are interested in signing up for a membership.
• Dan: people taking survey say they often donate to boxes, in amount equal to membership
• Jeff: County Line gets more usage but fewer donations. Having a loop at the beginning of Ward might get us more donations.
• Joe: fewer donations at CL since we had a second trailhead with no place for donations
• Income: $101,094 Other sources of ordinary income are credit card cash rewards, program service income balanced by program expense. Adult programs saw significant increase in participation, had advanced series of clinics that was new, package of 3 lessons. Race income down because didn’t host CMU race, had 2 fewer days of racing, and bad weather on race days.
• Special fundraising events: Kannah Creek, Kids Pasta Project. $894 raised.
• Caryl: We could really expand social and fundraising opportunities.
• These are areas of income that as board we are required to project for next year.
• Expenses: credit card fees will increase, could change our website to add option to increase donation by 3% to cover credit card fees.
• Insurance: a really big expense. 4 pieces – general liability, directors and officers, equipment insurance is major, Workmens Comp
• Jeff: Can council not have employees, contract the services so their own workmens comp insurance covers them? That could really reduce cost of grooming.
• Callie: Regs for subcontractors are pretty strict, everyone currently working for us would not qualify because have to prove that have their own business and provide services for other clients
• Joe: Our groomers are seasonal and probably not interested in forming their own businesses
• Insurance for kids lessons is something we need for next year, he got quote of $119.
• Meeting expense: should be getting $105 refund from Heddles since we didn’t have March, April and May meetings.
• Office and Admin expense: we had 3 boxes this year, we’ll consolidate to one next year. Also name tags, other misc. expenses, membership in CO Nonprofit Association.
• Discretionary spending: put limits on what a board member can spend. Jackets and gift lessons were in this category this year.
• Payroll taxes – 7.65% of gross payroll.
• Postage and mailing – stamps, mailings to members,
• Printing and publications: postcards, maps, rack cards, newsletters, envelopes
• No trail map expense: until ’21-’22 season. The map expense is lower than the income from ads on maps.
• Jeff: is advertising a one time expense? Do they pay again when we reprint?
• Callie: If same map reprinted in less than 2 years, we don’t charge them.
• Professional services: accountant for federal tax return, accounting firm in Cedaredge, Ilene Roggensack services during transition
• Program Services: race expenses have been almost nil thanks to Tom Ela.
• Promotional products: bumperstickers, etc.
• Software, web and media: Martin contributed in kind time for domain hosting, website work.
• Dan: Martin says website needs to rebuilt from scratch, he keeps running into management problems and having to fix stuff
• Grooming and trail maintenance: we spent $35K this season, last season was $37K. Spent a lot on fuel cube, less on fuel and oil, less on snowmobile maintenance and expense
• Volunteer expenses: lunch for hut crew
• Warming hut: significant expenses such as new floor and deck, welding wood stove, gravel pad, etc. For first time this year GMNC bought firewood for hut. Next year we could ask for donations to cover firewood. (Or organize a summer woodcutting crew)
• Total operating expense: Similar to last year. In July we’ll have to produce our best guess at this number.
• Other income and other expense:
• Restricted grants – $13000 for new snowmobile. Not ordinary income since it’s highly variable. Interest income from treasury bonds and bank account.
• Building: Joe will get quote from Frontier Buildings and submit to Forest Service. Log cabin style, not an equipment shelter.
• Jeff: Wonders if we have asked membership about hut idea. We could bring in other money to help fund hut. Says hut was locked sometimes when he shoveled snow.
• Joe: Meetings are open to public, we communicate with members, post on social media, make minutes available. We haven’t talked to members about hut idea yet because it’s a long way from fruition. We don’t have the money yet, or permission from the FS to add a permanent structure.
• Pie chart:
• As part of our commitment to transparency, we post financial data on website which hadn’t been done for 3 years. We’ll post our tax returns and a synopsis in form of a pie chart. Quick way to see how we’re doing and how we’re spending our money. Grooming expenses include depreciation of equipment, fuel, warming hut etc. Easily understandable.
• Lynea: we don’t have any in-kind donations listed. Volunteer hours for hut, board, etc. would be good to list, shows community involvement and connection when we apply for grants.
• Callie: excellent point, we should add to our accounting. Would be another level of sophistication. Will be sending out emails to board members for specific numbers needed for next year’s budget.
• Joe: Looking at marked increase in grooming budget for next year since we’ll be paying an operations manager.

Kids Programs:
• Caryl, Joe, Dave Knutson, Martin Wiesiolek, Christina Stark and Annie Murphy met to discuss. Annie talked about previous kids programs. Annie and Christina were looking at working with Martin about how to offer programs for next year. Toby wanted to be involved in future programming. Dave and Caryl will pursue more conversation about family fun approach. Martin, Christina and Annie looking at more structured ski school. Concern about insurance and liability. Outreach to get people involved. Applying for grants this summer.
• Lynea: needs to be one integrated program, not two different things
• Need to know if Annie et al are going to have their own programs that we can coordinate with or do we want to do it ourselves?
• Jeff: At one point in past there were over 100 kids in Gliders program. Can’t say enough about what GMNC provided and the community that was built. Essential to get young skiers involved.
• Joe: intends to leave that committee and let Caryl represent Board. Let that committee do their work.
Race series:
• Dan has had long conversation with Tom Ela, about for-profit race series. That’s not going to work with him on board. But would still like to be involved. Tom will mentor Dan to continue race series. 3-race series. Short race for newbies, kids race, regular race. Schedule will be ready by October. Coordinate with other regional Nordic centers so don’t overlap. Operations plan for Forest Service needs to include race dates. Will need to have lots of volunteers. Timing equipment is owned by Striders. We can rent it and hire them to time.
• Callie: By end of July should have our activity calendar in place. Adult/kids races, etc.
• Joe: Lots of trees down on trails. Should wait til fall to remove them though because summer storms will create more downed trees.
• Martin: talking to Powderhorn about opening 10K of trails up top. Might be a stepping stone to try at Powderhorn and then become a GMNC member.
• – end of public session