Minutes GMNC Board 11 December
Board members attending: Tina Wilson, Dan Tille, Joe Ramey, Don Metzler, Lynea Schultz Ela, Jodi Peterson
Guests: Albert Borkowski, Jim Houghness, Winslow Robertson, Dave Knutson
1. Guest Comments:
• Jim: suggests that we put together best practices for dog owners, snowshoers and skiers and get that info out to members. • Winslow: suggests that we create a designated snowshoe lane on trails – take a little width out of the skate lane • Albert: suggests that GMNC needs better signage. Forest Service kiosk panels at Skyway have nothing in them. Can get permanent metal signs made through FS. If Ryan at Grand Valley Office needs to know more he can contact Albert.
2. General discussion
• All board members need to send bios and pics to Joe this week • Roberts Rules – a refresher (basic rules for making motions etc.) • Key priorities of GMNC: • – Creating a great experience for our skiers includes: • – great grooming, especially on the 3 busiest days of the week (Fri, Sat., Sun). But grooming mid-week also needs to be good, since many members ski on weekdays also. • – Accessibility onto trails for all abilities, knock down berm at CL – Don will ask FS to have them keep ramp shoveled out for accessibility to CL trails • – Update on 2nd entrance – Don and CDOT are working on it, keeping a good relationship with the USFS. Once it’s safe and in good shape (probably next year) it will help alleviate congestion at County Line. • – Motion to approve $100 for one-time grooming survey. Passes unanimously. Dan will draft and use SurveyMonkey. Keep it short and simple, get some basic demographic info and priorities for grooming. • Articles about GMNC and the Grand Mesa recently appeared in 5280 magazine, The Daily Sentinel
• Updating map – all ads are sold (10. Can go to print. Need to invoice advertisers. Board members will keep maps stocked at all kiosks. Extra maps will be stored in hut. Still looking for Ward maps. • Mailchimp committee: Tina, Jodi, Joe will work together to create weekly e-newsletters in Dec., Jan., Feb and early March • Need to communicate with our dog owning members – we support skiing with dogs at County Line and Ward (but not Skyway which is dog free by member consensus), we are
working on another entrance to relieve congestion, we’d like to see members with dogs following basic etiquette like picking up poop etc. • Lynea suggests page to buy and sell used equipment. Dan will look into setting up a FB page that can also be our lost and found page. • Board Retreat: need to have retreat to get everyone on the same page. Maybe February? January is too busy, the height of our ski season. Dan: suggest having Ilene Roggensack facilitate the board retreat. Changing bylaws, doing strategic planning, aligning board for solid future and figuring out priorities. Would be $2000 for 10-15 hours. Callie: That kind of investment serves the organization well. Would be good to get new board members in place before having a retreat. Joe: we will revisit this in January but are very interested in doing this. Dave: suggests that we do 2-3 four hour sessions with Ilene and a follow up 6 months later.
3. November minutes – Jodi Peterson. Made corrections. Motion to approve – passes unanimously. Jodi will add to Google drive.
4. Treasurer report and Operating budget for 2019-2020 – Callie West
• We do not have an approved budget for 2020 — need to vote on approving it. We will do that in January. Statement of financial position: $194K in Board Designated Capital Fund, board’s decision to restrict this or not . Tina: We had prev. decided to put $15k in Capital Fund per year to replace Pisten Bully. Callie: for past 3 years this has not been a flat amount but rather a percentage based on each year’s unrestricted liquid assets at end of season. • Budget cycle – April 30 through May 1. We’re over halfway through our fiscal year but our expense and income all take place in the last half of the fiscal year. • $4550 of donations from members hadn’t been swept into bank account, so we’re really down only about $2K in member donations compared to last year. • All membership contributions go into General Fund. We have a CERF too and members can give to that. We use membership fees for all operating categories in budget, not solely grooming.
• Projecting $75K for TOTAL expenses this year – last year only $56K was spent. Our mission is to provide great grooming for our members, and we’ll be spending the money necessary to make that happen. • Recent grants from counties: $3,000 from Delta, $20,000 from Mesa (special thanks to Lisa Eckert) • Firkin – fundraiser. Kannah Creek Brewing. Keg sold out, we raised $341 • If board members have expenses to reimburse, please submit to Callie with receipt and label as to what budget category it’s for. Be sure to use tax exempt letter when buying large items.
5. Operations summary – Don Metzler
• Forest Service is satisfied with our operating plan and we can update it with amendments each year without having to rewrite it. We just need to update some info that’s outdated but the overall plan is sound. • Had good groomers meeting and gave the new groomers vision on equipment and expectations. Getting guidance on keeping classic tracks straight. • Will be grooming Ward regularly with big snowmobile. • By next Wednesday need decision about whether Snow Mtn groomer is available for instruction. If not we need to find someone else. Perhaps Jim Black from Crested Butte? Or guy at PistenBully plant? Possibly Kenton? Seth who works at Powderhorn would be a good choice for technical aspects, but may not have a lot of finesse. • Groomer jackets: $119 from Loki. $50 for logo. Rich needs a new jacket, so do all groomers. Motion to supply groomers with jackets and logo w/ name. Total cost $650. Passes unanimously.
6. Adult Programs update – Callie
• Advanced clinics: Dave Aschwanden brought some CMU skiers to coach members. We will give them $700 from fees from class members. We have clinics this weekend. Clinics will be cancelled only for winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings, or winter weather advisories (??? JOE?) We have a 3 pack of lessons that’s a great deal. • We are agreeing with VA to host 6 groups of VA skiers through Feb. and March. They’re bringing their own supervisor, and GMNC will provide one instructor which is Martin, with Joe as back up instructor. By next summer we could work toward making this an official GMNC program.
• The hut needs some love. Our camp table and a thermos were stolen. Stove gloves are falling apart. Water melting container is missing. Lynea will donate blankets; Callie will donate stovetop pot for heating water. • Dave: Last year overnight stays were shut down. We need to allow groups to stay overnight but they have to email Joe first to arrange. We need signage and frames. We also need donated blankets. • Motion to spend $200 on a new table for hut and frames for signs. Passes unanimously. •
7. Joe’s discussion points
• Advertising opportunities: Realtor and ski rental place have asked to advertise on our site. Tina: We have biz memberships, they get ads on website with links; need to update that, some of those businesses haven’t paid us in years. We also need standardized info on what a biz membership involves. • Businesses who are offering ski rentals should be paying for sponsorship. But we also want to provide info to our members about where to get rentals. Our biz membership is $250. We should raise rates but aren’t planning to do so.
• Committee formed: Tina and Joe will look into creating tiers of biz membership and what each involves
– Dog wording for website and map, Tina and Joe will work on this and submit to the Board
• Upcoming youth skiing events: Dec 23rd at County Line. Rentals $5/day or $60/season (limited). POC is Priscilla Williams. • -Jan 20th 80 kids with MVNSC/Annie at Skyway, approved via email 9Dec
– Conversation with Christina Stark 7Dec19: 1) Five sessions between mid Jan to mid Feb with young kids, mostly or all on Toby’s trails at Powderhorn, 2) Some sessions with the older kids on our trails early Jan to early March but mostly on Toby’s.
Motion to adjourn; passes unanimously.