We did not get the “big one” with this storm but enough snow fell to allow us to snowmobile groom Scales Lake Rd, Tower and Dog Loop. The snow was wet and should set up really nice tonight for some fast skiing conditions. We did not set a classic track as the snow is a little thin in places. Exercise caution especially on Dog Loop/Tower as we did hit a few rocks on our 6.5 hour workout today with Eric and our new groomer dude, Lewis.

Our snowmobile grooming process is to pack the trail first with just the snowmobiles, then use the rollers to widen and pack the trail some more, and finally we do a “finish” pass with graders to give us that really cool corduroy surface. Add an overnight wait time to let the snow crystals reform and in the morning, the trails are ready for you.

That said, the weather looks to be a nice weekend and possibly more snow next week. Hopefully we will get a big storm so we can continue grooming.