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The Geissert Challenge

What if the path to joy is cross-country skiing? Would your life be better if you skied more? Find out this year by joining the Geissert Challenge.

John Geissert was a longtime GMNC member whose passion was cross-country skiing on the Grand Mesa, with a goal of logging 100 days every season. His personal best was 121 days. John died in May of 2020 at age 85, having skied 85 days in his last season.

How close can you get to the Geissert goal of 100 ski days? We’re offering a way to help you track your ski days. This is a personal challenge, not a competition. However, at the end of the season we will recognize people who have met the Geissert challenge of 100 ski days. And since 100 may seem impossible when life throws up other challenges, we will also honor people who achieve a half-Geissert, 50 days in one season. If nothing else, we hope that John will inspire you to get up and ski a little more.

Click on the forms below to submit your numbers. You can submit by the week or by the month (but please don't submit the same days more than once). Once we have some submissions we’ll post the standings below. Submissions are done under the honor system. (This is a challenge for yourself, do you really want to cheat?)

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