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Images from this year’s winners, First Skiers (October 12, 2023)


UPDATE: We have TWO WINNERS! Billy Jacobs and Roger Pierson nabbed first tracks on October 12, 2023. We received one other (anonymous) submission for first ski via our website, if that was you, please email [email protected] to claim your prize. 

No one correctly guessed the date, so no winner in the “Most Accurate Snow Forecaster”  category. 


Time to Enter the 2023 First Ski Day Contest!! 

How soon will the snow fly? Only time will tell, but here’s your chance to play snow forecaster and get first tracks. Correctly predict our first day of skiing and/or be the first to make ski tracks on our trails and you’ll win a prize — bragging rights and a GMNC trucker hat. 

Two awards are up for grabs:

Most Accurate Snow Forecaster 2023

Awarded to the person or persons who correctly predict the first day of skiing on GMNC’s trails.

First Skier of 2023

Awarded to the person or persons who are first to send in photographic evidence of the season’s first ski on our trails.



-Entries must be made a minimum of 5 days before the date chosen.

-Only one entry per person.

-The first day of of skiing will be determined by photographic confirmation that skiing has taken place. Skiing must be on the GMNC trail system — Skyway, County Line or Ward trails. (Presumably this will be before the grooming has begun.)

-First person or group to submit photos of the first ski will be declared winner of the First Skier of 2022. If multiple people submit acceptable photos, winner will be determined by time of day (photo at 9am wins over one taken at 11am).

-In the event that there are more than 3 entries meeting the winning criteria, we will announce and celebrate all winners, and have a random drawing to award up to 5 prizes total.

To submit verification of your first ski, email a photo to [email protected]. Include the time and place that the photo was taken.

Questions? Email [email protected]