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Interested in getting to know the Ward trails better?  Join GMNC staff and volunteers on Saturday, January 20 for a day of exploring the trails at Ward. We will be meeting at Ward Trailhead located at approximately mile marker 25 off of highway 65, and we will be skiing from 10AM-2PM.

Our 6.5 km route will include the snowmobile groomed Ward trail as well as some ungroomed backcountry trails.  Specifically, we will climb up Staircase, head north on Ward to East Ward, then southeast on Sheep to Finney Trail, east on Finney Trail to Skinned Horse Overlook Trail (or alternatively, south on main Skinned Horse, for people not comfortable with the hills on Overlook), returning via Lower Skinned Horse to the “Lower Ward Loop.”  Views from the Overlook can be stunning on a clear day.  There are some optional, “interesting” hills along this route that some backcountry skiers might enjoy (but skiing the steeper hills is not necessary for completing this tour).  

Participants will need to provide their own touring or backcountry skis and gear for this event.  Odin Recreation and Silent Country Cycle & Ski will be offering 50% off touring ski rentals for this day only with the mention of this event.  Participants should bring water, snacks to be had in the backcountry, and sunscreen.

Advance registration is not required.  Donations will gladly be accepted.  Questions?  Email [email protected]