Dog Trails and Dog Etiquette

Dog Rules and Etiquette on GMNC/USFS Cross-Country Ski Trails

A dog on Grand Mesa
  • County Line and Ward cross-country ski trail systems are dog friendly. The Skyway Trail System is dog-free by consensus of our ski community. There are many non-GMNC trails on the Grand Mesa that are also dog-friendly.
  • The USFS requires dogs to be on a 6’ leash in parking lots and trailheads.
  • On the cross-country ski trails, USFS policy requires dogs to be physically restricted or in sight and under voice control at all times. Dogs must yield to all other trail users.
  • You must clean-up after your dog.
  • Dogs can be an unpredictable hazard to skiers. Please keep your dog under control and clean up after your dog.
  • In case of a dog bite, call or text 911. Report incident to Animal Control at Delta County (970-847-2015) or Mesa County (970-242-4646).
  • No hiking is allowed on the cross-country ski trails.
  • Check out the new entrance on the west end of the County Line parking Lot.

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