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Lower Ward – Friday AM, December 30, 2022

There were lots skiers on the lower part of Ward Trail this morning (Friday, Dec. 20, 2022). About 2 to 3 inches of new snow on the packing that had been done yesterday (Dec. 29). The Staircase and Wild backcountry trails were also tracked by skiers and snowshoe trekkers. The packing on Ward made it easy to access some hills, which were much fun this morning. I encountered 2 small, newly downed trees about 1 to 1.5 km from the Ward trailhead, but they were easy to ski around. Photo shows some “earned turns” on “Gretchen’s Hill” in the lower Ward area.

Lost ski

Lost Sun 12/11 Rossi medium 175 Evo cross country ski between Ward trailhead and Mesa Lakes

Lower Ward Area – December 9, 2022

The Ward Trail was nicely groomed by the GMNC today (Dec. 9), and classic track was set in time for the weekend – see attached photo. The 1 ft-plus of new snow on the backcountry trails in the southern part of Ward System has been tracked by skiers and snowshoe trekkers on Staircase, Wild, Finney, and Sheep Trails, the southern part of East Ward Trail, and the Skinned Horse-Overlook Route.

Ward Trail – December 1, 2022

Lots of skiers and snow shoe trekkers were out today on Ward Trail! The Trail was clear of downed trees today. The Ward area is a good option for avoiding crowding at County Line and Skyway during busy weekends! Today, the Ward Trail crossing of the outflow stream from Deep Slough Reservoir was not passable on skis – see attached photo. Hopefully the forecast snow will fix that problem soon. If not, take Deep Slough Trail, which parallels Ward Trail. Deep Slough Trail crosses the Deep Slough Dam and avoids that stream entirely. We saw a few exposed rocks, but we avoided hitting them. Still, rock skis are advised on the early season snow.

What a crew!!

A very nice job on the grooming at county line! The trails are so very nice for November and what a joy y=the crew has created!

Ward Trail – Nov 12 – skiing around downed trees

We skied on the Lower Part of Ward Trail and Staircase Trail this afternoon, Nov. 12, 2022. The recent snow/wind storm brought down 4 trees across Ward Trail between the Trailhead and Junction No. 3 (Staircase Tr./Ward Tr.). There’s also a small tree down across the lower part of Staircase Trail. But, it’s easy to ski or snowshoe around all of these. We heard of trees down on East Ward Trail, and there are likely newly fallen trees on other parts of the Ward trail system. The Ward Trail was packed by the groomers before the last storm, and many people have tracked much of the Ward Trail System since the last snow fall. Included photo shows a 12-inch diameter tree that fell across the “lower/southern Ward Loop” of Ward Trail.

Great time

Had a great time skiing out lookout and around to tower. at least 6 downed trees with one of them on the line, be careful!!
DANGER DANGER!! I did not see any wildlife but they are still logging on tower!!

Good snow coverage

Beautiful day! The excavator work this fall has made a very noticeable difference on Scales Glade Trail. Thanks to the off season trail crew and the snow groomers!

Lower Ward Area is skiable!

There were lots of ski tracks on the Ward Trail System this morning! The Ward area is very skiable, especially for so early in the season. Snow cover is about 15 to 20 inches. I skied up Staircase Trail, north on Ward, and then down Wild Trail. Lots of other routes were also tracked by skiers. I hit no rocks. But, to be sure, we probably shouldn’t be on our best skis until we got some more snow. There were a few tricky stream crossings this morning. And on Ward Trail, the outlet from Deep Slough Reservoir was flowing fast and wide and was not passable. But people can tour around that outlet by following deep Slough Trail across the dam. There are two newly fallen trees on Wild Trail, but it’s pretty easy to get over them. The attached photo shows part of Ward Trail near Deep Slough Reservoir, just south of the Wild Trail Junction.